Youthfully x Wiz Kidz Guidance

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Wiz Kidz.

Youthfully’s Co-founder, Joel Nicholson, offers exclusive Guidance Services to Wiz Kidz students.

About Joel

  • Joel started Youthfully and trained it’s 100+ coaches, now successfully coaching 1,000+ students with a 4.9/5 star rating.
  • Joel is widely considered Canada’s top guidance and student coach, having coached youth for 13+ years, creating the Youth Coaching certification, and has outstanding reviews.
  • Joel’s Dad was a guidance counsellor for 30+ years—he taught Joel everything he knows
  • Joel has been interviewed by Globe & Mail, Maclean’s Magazine, and other publications every year .
  • Joel Co-founded and sold CampusRankings in 2016, a website specializing in matching students to the best post-secondary options for them; as well as GLA, Canada’s first gap year leadership program.
  • Joel has led workshops at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos, One Young World Annual Summit, University of Toronto, Queen’s Smith School of Business, and more.

About Youthfully

  • Youthfully is Canada’s go-to destination for student coaching and parent support.
  • Youthfully offers 1:1 coaching programs focused on specific outcomes, including:
    • University admissions
    • Gaining career-quality internship experience
    • Launching extracurricular passion projects
    • Navigating neurodivergent needs (e.g. ADHD coaching)
  • Maclean’s calls Youthfully the “best application help money can buy”, and the Globe + Mail recognizes the program for “it’s emphasis on teaching soft skills”
  • Youthfully recruits and trains a highly selective network of youth coaches, who are high-achieving graduates of top programs now working in different fields (medicine, banking, law, engineering, etc.)
  • Youthfully boasts a 70-90% admissions success rate to the most competitive programs in Canada.

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Youthfully is the world's most comprehensive admissions, career, and educational guidance platform. We empower students to unlock their full potential through a holistic, highly personalized coaching approach.

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