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Receive 1:1 coaching to initiate an extracurricular project in just 1-6 months, transforming you to an extraordinary candidate for top universities.



“[Youthfully] encourages students to take charge of their lives.”

95% Of Our Students Who Launch
Passion Projects Get The Offers They Want.

Read Yanyu's Paper

Yanyu published a research paper in Frontiers Journey and is now studying Cognitive Science at UC San Diego.

Check Out Thermobeat

William founded a biotech company, winning thousands at pitch comps and is now at Johns Hopkins University.

See What Andreas Built

Andreas created a ping pong ball launcher with <$30 and created a course on Udemy to teach future engineers—rated 4.7/5 stars.

See Ella's Research Award

Ella launched an independent research project on bullying—and is now an award winning researcher.

Watch Tika's Showcase

Tika created a “Github for musicians” app called BackTrack to help musicians version their music.

Take Andrew's Course

Andrew created a free Udemy course to help thousands of future debaters—he’s now at the #1 business program.

Watch Tika's Showcase

James won $3k for engineering a squash ball warming device, and sold it into multiple squash gyms.

Order Nathan's Book

Nathan published an Amazon best-selling book on personal finance and was admitted into the #1 business program.

Our Unique Approach

Personalized, Not Standardized

True differentiation on university applications requires a personalized approach—that’s why our program is fully individualized, with no group-based or generic, off-the-shelf projects.

Flexible Timing & Diverse Streams

Unlike other programs confined to fixed schedules and narrow scopes, we offer completely custom scheduling as well as a diverse range of project streams, catering to varied interests.

Admissions Coverage & Expertise

Skip the hassle of starting over with an unfamiliar admissions advisor; get complete coverage and continuity from those who know you and the application process best.

Enroll In 1:1 Our Passion Projects Program

Limited spots available—apply today.
Identify the Best Project

Your coach helps you select a stream and brainstorms project ideas to identify the one most unique and exciting.

Get It Off the Ground, Fast

Expert coaching propels you past the start line, ensuring you see rapid progress on your passion project from the get-go.

Take Your Project to the Next Level

Your coach guides you to elevate your project beyond the ordinary, ensuring it reaches its full, impressive potential.

Set Yourself Up for Admissions Success

Capture your project experience, achievements, and learnings into clear and compelling narratives for university applications.

Choose A Program Stream

Tailored streams to ignite every student’s passion.
Engineer an Idea

Add “patent-pending” to your resume with 1:1 coaching from a professional engineer to build a unique hardware-based device.

Create with Code

Learn AI, coding, or UX design to build a software app or game from scratch, getting real users experiencing your creation.

Publish a Research Paper

Get 1:1 coaching from a trained scientist to publish your own research paper on a topic you care about.

Launch a Business

Work with an experienced entrepreneur coach to create a business plan, launch your venture, and acquire your first customer.

Make an Impact

Receive expert coaching to start a nonprofit, lead a social movement, undertake a physical challenge for charity, or other impact initiatives.

I Don’t Know Yet

Not 100% sure what stream to pursue? No worries—you’ll receive personalized guidance to find a path that aligns with your unique talents and goals.

How It Works

From initial intake to university standout in 1-6 months.

Initial Intake

Schedule a free intake call with our Enrollment Team to understand your goals and interests.

Project Kick-off

Chose your project stream and book your first sessions with your coach at a time that suits you.

1:1 Live Coaching

Receive ongoing coaching sessions to kick-off the project & help push you further to success.

Valuable Extras

Get personalized guidance on extracurriculars and custom-matched opportunities.

Showcase & Standout

Present your project to capture the story, win great prizes, and prepare you for university applications.

Student Stories


Mara’s coach helped her self-publish a children’s book that became part of the curriculum in a Tanzanian school, educating kids on basic medical health—she was later admitted to medical school.

90% Admission • QuARMS Finalist


Youth Coaching helped Stephanie discover her passion for accessibility, where she launched non-profit wheelchair tennis program called Aces on Wheels—eventually partnering with rehab centres across the region.

100% Admission • Loran & TD Scholar Finalist


Liam’s coach guided him in creating an impact initiative, where he raised $22,000 for charity completing a challenge everyday for a month—later being featured on various national news outlets.

$22,000 Raised • National News Features


Yanyu’s coach helped him clarify his passion for cognitive science, publishing a research paper in Frontiers Journal and cited by Discover Magazine and Popular Science.

Published Paper • UCSB Admission


Liam’s coach helped him develop a speech about a topic he was passionate about, deliver a TEDx Talk , and get on a podcast with millions of downloads, and was admitted into business school.

TEDx Speaker • Podcast Guest

Our Passion Projects Program Has the Greatest ROI on Admissions Success

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Background & Approach





Admissions Support





The Youthfully Advantage

As the pioneer and global leader of holistic youth coaching, we provide the world’s most most comprehensive platform for extracurricular and admissions support.

Elevating your extra -curriculars requires 1-on-1 support.

Group-based passion projects, no matter the size, camouflage your individuality and produce generic outcomes.

But with us, your project is distinctively yours, clearly distinguishing you from the crowd.

At Youthfully, your project is not just another group effort; it’s a shining beacon of your originality, ensuring your university application stands out as a showcase of your best self.

Get coached from folks who have been there, done that.

All the GOATs have coaches because learning from the best helps you achieve more, faster than you would on your own.

Our coaches have achieved what you aspire to in extracurriculars, education, and career. They’re Olympians, best-selling authors, award-winning entrepreneurs, published scientists, leading engineers, and more.

Our ultra-selective 1% hiring rate ensures you only work with the greats because that’s what gets you further.

Curated matches to complementary opportunities.

Choosing from the sea of extracurricular opportunities to complement your passion project is overwhelming and time-intensive.

Most students default to the same activities as everyone else, but this merely results in looking the same as everyone else.

Instead, we give you tailored picks of lesser-known opportunities to help you craft a unique mix of extracurriculars, without the hassle.


How to Start a Passion Project

Learn the formula for launching a successful passion project, distilled into an actionable, comprehensive guide—100% free.
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Launch Something You’re Proud Of

"Helped me launch a non-profit."
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"Helped me develop the first women's volleyball brand."
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"Because of Joel's guidance, I made big changes and improvements to my extra-curriculars, including starting a local non-profit initiative that has been quite successful.

His coaching was instrumental in helping me get this initiative off the ground and I believe it's been an integral part of my application. I was successfully admitted to Queen's Commerce and now I am thriving in the program. I am continuing to run my non-profit on the side and I am excited about continuing to leverage skills and experiences that [Youthfully] and Joel has taught me."

Anonymous Client





"Started my own business"
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"I worked with [my coach] for about a year and really appreciated the amount of effort he put into developing me, as an individual, specifically. From diving into my interests and building onto them with [my coach's] expertise and resources, I launched my own initiative that is something I want to pursue in the future.

Throughout this entire process, I learned a lot about myself and became much more self aware. This highly resonated onto my application, and resulted in me receiving a Queen's Commerce acceptance, amongst other prestigious universities."

Anonymous Client





Add 'Founder' To Your Résumé

  • Build unique experiences that shine on university applications.
  • Develop the skills admissions teams want (initiative, creativity, etc.)
  • Dive into passions, clarify your path, and learn real industry practices.
  • Win money and prizes presenting your project at the Showcase.

A Trusted Partner To Help You Get There

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our exceptional customer satisfaction metrics, including our 99% session satisfaction score and an average coach rating of 4.9/5.

  • Money-back Guarantee

    If we can’t find a coach you love after your introductory session, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

  • Commitment to Satisfaction

    If you’re unsatisfied with any coaching session, we’re notified and will step in to make it right.

  • Flexibility for Success

    Should circumstances change or unexpected events arise, we provide flexible options to accommodate your needs.

Common Questions

You may start as soon as you’re accepted into the program and you may work with your coach for up to six months.

For students attending summer camp, you and your coach can work around this commitment by spending time on the project prior to or after camp.

Yes, the passion projects program is open to all students.

Yes. Since this is a 1:1 program, it’s tailored to your schedule. Whether you’re only free on Saturdays or you’re going to camp this summer, you and your coach will craft a plan and schedule that works around your commitments.

You can decide when you want to start the program, for how long it goes, and when you meet with your coach. We’ll always work with you to make the program fit into your schedule.

Coaching sessions are done virtually and 1:1 at times that are convenient to you. You will book calls with your coach via the Youthfully coaching platform.

You and your coach will choose how often the sessions take place, which depends on your needs, goals, schedule, etc., as well as the program you’re working on.

Flexibility is a priority. Some students have calls in evenings, weekends, or whenever fits their schedule.

Yes. You are working 1-on-1 with your coach, 100% of the time.

There are no group classes or divided attention. You have exclusive access to a world-class youth coach, ready to go the extra mile.

Simply book an intake call.

Please note: we have limited spots in each program and students are admitted in the order in which applications are received.

Side-hustles are for students too.

Growing up in a small rural high school, I thought my limited extracurricular options were a disadvantage. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

While students from bigger schools had the same activities on their résumé, I had to find my own way.

So I co-founded a club that spread to other schools and was featured on the news, which helped me get an offer from my desired programs. I launched another project at university to land a job in management consulting.

Since then, Youthfully coaches have helped students launch successful non-profits, publish research papers, and so much more.

Extracurriculars matter a ton, but only if they match who you are.

Don’t settle for inauthentic or generic extracurriculars that don’t help you show your best self. Find your own path, and a coach can help.

Co-founder & CEO


Launch Brilliance in 1-6 Months

1:1 Extracurricular Coaching • Limited Spots Available