Gain Internship Experience, On Your Own Terms.

Select a real-world, remote internship project from a partner organization, and work 1:1 with a seasoned Youthfully coach to make it a success.



“[Youthfully] encourages students to take charge of their lives.”

Our Interns Are 5x More Likely to Land
Offers from Top Universities & Employers.

Read Melody's Story

Melody completed a biz ops internship with Uber and now runs her own business after going to Queen’s for Computer Science.

Check Out Motion Invest

Katherine did a finance due diligence internship with Motion Invest’s CEO, an online private equity business.

Watch William's Review

William did an AI internship with a content marketing agency, presenting his custom GPT model directly to the CEO.

Check Out Steep & Mellow

Amanda solved an important marketing challenge through her internship with an up-and-coming women-owned tea brand.

We Reimagined the Internship

Meaningful Projects

Access a wide array of internship projects through our extensive network of partner organizations. Gain hands-on industry experience, develop unique skills, and solve challenging, real-world problems faced by companies.

Work On Your Own Terms

Unlike most internships with strict schedules, age requirements, and physical offices, our program offers the flexibility of remote internship projects no matter what you're age or location with the freedom to set your own hours.

A Strong Application Foundation

Gain valuable industry insights, build an impressive résumé, and establish quality references for university and job applications, setting yourself apart with career-quality experience that forms the ultimate foundation for your future.

Enroll In Our 1:1 Internship Program

100% remote & flex-hours. Limited spots available—apply today.
Identify the Best Internship

Your coach helps you select a stream and brainstorms project ideas to identify the one most unique and exciting.

Kick-off & Problem Solving

Collaborate with your coach to create a project plan, dissect the problem, develop recommendations, and potentially even implement them.

Final Presentation & Handover

Present your proposed solutions to the project owner and stakeholders, including C-suite executives—incorporating feedback for a final handover.

Set Yourself Up for Admissions Success

Capture your internship experience, achievements, and learnings into clear and compelling narratives for university applications.

Example Internships

  • Fuller Construction
  • Osprey Drones
  • Ascribe
  • Growth Partners

Architecture, CIVIL ENG, Environment, REAL ESTATE

Fuller Construction, a historic firm known for constructing Canada’s Parliament buildings, had students evaluate the feasibility of mass timber as a construction method.

Sam Fuller, Head of Biz Dev

Fuller Construction


Osprey Integrity, an industrial drone company, challenged students to design a system combining a self-lit drop camera and drones to revolutionize vertical industrial asset inspections for improved efficiency and safety.

Courtland Penk, President

Osprey Integrity

AI, Computer Science, Software, Data

Ascribe, an award-winning content agency, tasked students with building a ChatGPT and AI model that adapts to clients' unique tone of voice, streamlining content creation and enhancing efficiency

Alex Dorward, CEO

Ascribe Agency

Finance, Accounting, Startups, Software

Growth Partners, a strategic finance partner specializing in aiding startups, has tasked Youthfully students to develop an efficient tool or model that enables startup CEOs to effortlessly generate investor updates.

Jordan Hill, CEO

Growth Partners

How It Works

From initial intake to accomplished intern in 1-6 months.

Initial Intake

Schedule a free intake call with our Enrollment Team to understand your goals and interests.

Internship Kick-off

Choose your internship and book your first sessions with your coach at a time that suits you.

1:1 Live Coaching

Receive ongoing coaching sessions to kick-off your internship & start solving the project problem.

On-Demand Support

Get offline coaching, virtual workshops, tailored extracurricular matching, and so much more.

Present & Debrief

Present your recommendations to the project owner (often the CEO) and debrief with your coach.

Student Stories


Melody spearheaded an internship project at Uber, devising innovative strategies to enhance driver application processes and driver recruitment tactics, ultimately delivering a compelling presentation to senior executives within the organization.

100% Admission


Lucia completed an internship experience with a law firm, working with her coach (a lawyer) to break down a specific case related to real estate law, eventually presenting her analysis to the partner of the firm.

Law Internship


Cameron completed a civil engineering internship experience with a prestigious construction company, where he was evaluating the use-case for a new type of lumber for construction – presenting his findings to the leadership team.

Engineering Internship

Our Internships Boost Chances 5x for Offers from Top University & Employers.

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The Youthfully Advantage

As the pioneer and global leader of holistic youth coaching, we provide the world's most most comprehensive platform for admissions achievement and student growth.

Get meaningful, not menial, work experience.

Menial or group-based work experiences are uninteresting and leave little room for personal growth.

With Youthfully, you’re not just padding your résumé; you’re engaging in real work experience that aligns with your interests and put you in charge.

You’ll explore an exciting career path up close, develop essential skills for your future, and gain meaningful insights.

1:1 coaching from industry-leaders on your terms.

Typical internships demand too much time for too little gain.

Ours are tailored for the busiest students, blending effortlessly into your schedule. They’re light on time commitment but heavy on value, aligning seamlessly with your needs and constraints.

Plus, unlike typical internships where mentorship can be scarce, ours centered around 1-on-1 coaching from a top 1% coach in your industry of interest.

Establish a strong foundation for your applications.

Top universities and employers seek more than just internship experience; they look for unique stories and skills that set candidates apart.

Through our program, you gain not only hands-on experience but also valuable insights from graduates in your field, enhancing your university applications and job prospects.

This combination of practical experience and industry knowledge establishes you as a standout candidate with quality references and a foundation that distinguishes you in any application process.

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Work Experience You Can Be Proud Of




"A marketing internship with an incredible startup."
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"I am very happy with my experience with Youthfully. I obtained an internship in private equity, working directly under the CEO to work on due diligence analysis for company acquisitions. This is extremely rare experience for a high school student.

It not only helped reassure me that my decision to pursue business is a good one, it helped me get my career launched at a very early age."




"Youthfully offered me an internship project with a leading university research centre, where my challenge is to design an experiment to evaluate the mitochondrial impact of coffee consumption.

My Youthfully coach is a scientist, so she has been guiding me through the process while still allowing me to feel empowered and in control.

It's been worth every investment and I'd recommend anyone using it as a springboard for their career and receive quality mentorship that isn't as available at school.






Add "Intern" to Your Résumé

  • Stand out from your peers with career-quality work experience.
  • Gain career clarity and learn industry insights from a top coach.
  • Develop key skills like written communication, presenting, and problem solving.
  • Build your résumé and references for university and job applications.

With a Proven Partner, Dedicated To Your Success

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our exceptional customer satisfaction metrics, including our 99% session satisfaction score and an average coach rating of 4.9/5.

  • Money-back Guarantee

    If we can’t find a coach you love after your introductory session, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

  • Commitment to Satisfaction

    If you’re unsatisfied with any coaching session, we’re notified and will step in to make it right.

  • Flexibility for Success

    Should circumstances change or unexpected events arise, we provide flexible options to accommodate your needs.

Common Questions

You may start as soon as you’re accepted into the program and you may work with your coach as late as September 30th.

For students attending summer camp, you and your coach can work around this commitment by spending time on the project prior to or after camp.

Yes, the summer passion projects program is open to all students.

University students, high school students, and even the occasional middle school prodigy have launched passion projects.

Yes. Since this is a 1:1 program, it’s tailored to your schedule. Whether you’re only free on Saturdays or you’re going to camp this summer, you and your coach will craft a plan and schedule that works around your commitments.

You can decide when you want to start the program, for how long it goes, and when you meet with your coach. We’ll always work with you to make the program fit into your schedule.

Coaching sessions are done virtually and 1:1 at times that are convenient to you. You will book calls with your coach via the Youthfully coaching platform.

You and your coach will choose how often the sessions take place, which depends on your needs, goals, schedule, etc., as well as the program you’re working on.

Flexibility is a priority. Some students have calls in evenings, weekends, or whenever fits their schedule.

Yes. You are working 1-on-1 with your coach, 100% of the time.

There are no group classes or divided attention. You have exclusive access to a world-class youth coach, ready to go the extra mile.

Simply book an intake call.

Please note: we have limited spots in each program and students are admitted in the order in which applications are received.

Supercharge your résumé.

Securing work experience as a student is a catch-22…

You need experience to gain experience—or the right ‘connections’.

Even if you find a great opportunity, few students have the schedule and location to make it work.

When I finally landed a summer internship through sheer persistence, I commuted two hours a day in traffic to spend 99% of my time on menial tasks with little mentorship from my manager.

This is the typical internship experience—so we completely reimagined it.

Our students work on meaningful, real-world organizational challenges under the guidance of a dedicated coach.

And opportunities are open to all students regardless of age, location, schedule, or prior experience.

So start taking control of your career and supercharge your résumé, and explore a career first-hand with a remote internship experience.

Co-founder & CEO


Complete a Remote Internship

1:1 Internship Experience • Limited Spots Available