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Why Become a Youth Coach with Youthfully?

Do Meaningful Work.

Our clients are at a huge crossroads in their lives, and most of them don't have anyone who can guide them. Get excited that the work you're doing is life-changing and will have a lasting impact on their future.


Enhance Your Coaching Skills.

Learn our proprietary coaching methodology, where your coaching skills will be brought to the highest level. You'll see very quickly how much these skills transfer to other areas of your life, especially your career.

Leverage State-Of-The-Art Tech.

Our industry-leading coaching platform is simple, yet extremely robust—empowering you to deliver more value as well as keep track of multiple clients seamlessly in one place.

Work When You Want, Where You Want.

All of our coaches work virtually from home and have the flexibility to make their own hours with their clients—as well as choose how many clients to take on given other commitments.

Launch Your Own Coaching Practice.

Be an entrepreneur without the risk or the administrative headache. Build your own Youth Coaching practice easily and enjoyably through Youthfully.

Make Some Extra Money.

Because we hire the best, we compensate competitively and consistently recognize high performers with pay increases. It's the ideal side hustle!

The Role of a Youth Coach

We work virtually 1-on-1 with students to set them up for post-secondary success. Our approach is divided into four main phases:



Young people lack the self-awareness and emotional maturity needed to make authentic decisions for their future, as well as uniquely stand out on applications. As a Youth Coach, you’ll help them get there through Discover.



Impart youth with the confidence and guidance needed to make good decisions for their future and realize their potential. As a Youth Coach, you’ll help clients Design a set of BIG goals and detailed action plans to achieve them.

Win a Reputable Science Competition/ Contest
Improve My Mental Health & Overall Happiness
Get an Internship at an Awesome Company
Win the TD Community Leadership Scholarship ($70k)
Youthfully Skills Students Don't Learn in School Youthfully Skills Students Don't Learn in School
Organization & Learning
Discipline & Focus
Creativity & Adaptability
Problem Solving
Awareness & Confidence
Goal-Setting & Strategy
Interviewing & Influencing


A standardized, theoretical curriculum is still the primary focus of high schools today. Our Youth Coaches help students Build essential skills like communication, problem solving, and critical thinking that they can use while pursuing their goals, at university, and beyond.



Students will inevitably face dilemmas and setbacks they don’t know how to navigate. As a Youth Coach, you will provide helpful guidance so they can Deliver on their goals, including coaching on university essays, extracurricular initiatives, or academic assignments.

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What We Look For

Do you have a year of post-university life experience? 💼

Are you passionate about education and youth development? 🏫

Were you a mentor, teaching assistant, or tutor in the past? 👩🏽‍🏫

Did you gain admission to any university programs that require supplementary applications (e.g. essays, video interviews, etc.)? 📝

Did you win any popular scholarships or accomplish unique extracurricular outcomes? 🏆

Do you have any coaching experience? 🏀

Did you answer 'yes' to at least two of these? If you didn't, but you really feel you have a unique set of interests and experiences that could be valuable for youth—please apply anyway!

Don't have formal coaching experience? No problem! Youthfully's Coaches have access to a comprehensive library of resources that provide you with a strong foundation, an opportunity to constantly improve, and the confidence to support students from your very first session.

Join a Community of Youth Coaches Who Are Passionate About Helping Students Succeed.

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