UBC Sauder School of Business BCom: A Definitive Guide for Applicants (2024)

This guide is for you if you’re thinking about applying to the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) program at the UBC Sauder School of Business, or you’re simply interested in learning more about the program.

As a potential applicant, you’re probably overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. 

That’s why we created this guide. 

We’ll break down everything you need to know about the UBC Sauder BCom program, including the Personal Profile and interview, acceptance rate, admission average, courses, tuition, and much more —all in one place. 

By the way, if you’re serious about getting into UBC Sauder, our 1-on-1 Youth Coaching services will help you become a stronger applicant, student, and leader. We work on things like improving skills, building self-awareness, and achieving big goals, so you can maximize your post-secondary potential.

Looking for specific guidance on the UBC Sauder application? Check out our UBC Sauder App Prep Guide for Personal Profile question templates and examples, as well as video interview prep and more!

Table of Contents 

  1. Admissions Process: Application components; Admission requirements and average; Acceptance rate; Deadlines; and More
  2. Application: App overview; Personal Profile questions; Video interview questions and prep tips; Evaluation criteria; and More. 
  3. About the Program: Specializations; Courses; Tuition; Co-op; Student life; and More.

UBC Sauder School of Business: Requirements & Admissions Process

UBC’s Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a 4-year program offered by the Sauder School of Business

This top-ranked program prepares students for a broad range of career opportunities by teaching students a solid foundation in business and management and helping them become experts in their chosen areas of interest.

With a focus on experiential learning as well as personal and professional development, students gain invaluable skills they need to succeed in the real world like leadership, critical thinking, and communication. No wonder the Sauder BCom program is a top ranked program in Canada!

UBC Sauder Application Criteria & How to Apply 

Sauder is looking for students who have a strong academic background, extracurriculars, and skills like teamwork, leadership, and communication. 

The UBC Sauder application is made up of 3 components:

  1. Online application through EducationPlannerBC
  2. Personal Profile
  3. Video Interview  

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to complete your application:

ubc sauder commerce sauder school of business program

REMEMBER: The 2022/2023 UBC Online Application deadline (including the Personal Profile and interview) for UBC Sauder BCom is January 15, 2023 at 11:59pm PST. You must submit all the required documents for your application to be considered. The deadline to be considered for most entrance awards is December 1, 2022. Click here for more important dates and deadlines.

We know this process is overwhelming, so if you need support any time connect with a coach. Our coaches are Sauder BCom alumni and have gone through this process and are ready to walk you through it! 

UBC Sauder Admission Requirements 

The University of British Columbia has general admissions requirements, regardless of the program you’re applying to.

To be considered for admission into UBC, you must:

  • Graduate from from high school
  • Have a minimum of 70% in Grade 11 or Grade 12 English (or their equivalents)
  • At the 6 academic/non-academic Grade 12 courses (recommended but not required)

For the Sauder BCom program specifically, here are the basic requirements for direct entry students (i.e. those who haven’t started post-secondary studies):

ubc sauder commerce sauder school of business program

To be considered for admission, you need to meet both UBC AND Sauder’s admission requirements and submit a complete application, including the online application, Personal Profile, video interview, and required documents. For more information on Direct Entry requirements, visit this page

For Canadian students, the specific admission requirements vary depending on which province or territory you live in. Find the exact requirements here.

For International students, the specific admission requirements vary depending on which country you live in. Find the exact requirements here.

If you are applying as another type of applicant, find your admission requirements on this page

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UBC Sauder Admission Average

A lot of people ask us what grades you need to get into UBC Commerce. 

UBC considers your Grade 11 and Grade 12 classes when deciding whether or not to accept students into the BCom program. All students must also meet UBC’s English Language Admission Standard.

A competitive average for UBC is mid to high 80s

REMEMBER: All applicants (regardless of the program they’re applying to) must have a minimum of 70% in Grade 11 or Grade 12 English. Students must meet BOTH the admission average requirements for the Sauder BCom program AND for University of British Columbia as a whole.

For the UBC Sauder BCom program itself, a competitive average is around 84%. Sauder’s admissions committee takes a lot into consideration beyond just grades, so this average isn’t a hard cut off percentage. 

However, even if your average is in this range, Sauder receives hundreds of applications every year. And the majority of people applying have this average (and even higher). 

This is where your Personal Profile, including your video interview, becomes REALLY important. 

If you ace the written/video interview questions, your application will be pushed into the highly competitive zone even if your average is a bit lower — you could even stand out more than applicants whose grades are in the 90s and have a weaker Profile and interview! 

In this way, your Personal Profile and interview can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection, so you want to make sure it’s unique and memorable (keep reading to find out how and check out our UBC Sauder App Prep Guide).

UBC Sauder Commerce Acceptance Rate & Number of Applicants 

We get so many questions about the UBC Sauder BCom acceptance rate. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic along with other economic factors over the last few years, it’s a bit tough to calculate the exact number of applicants to the Sauder BCom program. 

UBC Sauder receives around 5,200 applicants each year and has around 740 spots available for the Year 1 class.

This means that the UBC Sauder BCom acceptance rate is around 14.2%.

ubc sauder commerce sauder school of business program

However, when determining the acceptance rate, it’s also important to remember that even though there are 5,200+ applicants, the Sauder admissions average is in the mid 80s and a lot of students included in the 5,200 don’t meet this requirement

Students also reject Sauder’s admission offer, so this opens up spots to other applicants since the program has to fill the total 500 spaces. 

This makes the acceptance rate somewhere around 14%-17%, which increases your odds of acceptance even more if you have a strong academic record, Personal Profile, and interview. 

While an exact acceptance rate is a bit tough to calculate, if you meet all the admissions requirements and ace your Personal Profile and interview, then you have a significantly better chance of getting into the program.

UBC Sauder Acceptance Dates

All admissions decisions are made between late January to April.

UBC sends out their first round of admission letters in mid to late February

BUT if you haven’t heard anything by the end of February, don’t panic. 

UBC and Sauder continuously review applications, so students will receive their acceptance or rejection letters at different times

As mentioned above, some people also reject their offer to Sauder and more letters will get sent out after to ensure that they fill the entire Year 1 class.

We know it’s tough, but patience is a virtue. 🙂

Need help with the Sauder app process?

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UBC Sauder
BCom Grad &
Youth Coach™

UBC Sauder School of Business Application: Personal Profile and Video Interview 

UBC Sauder Application Overview 

As a part of your online application (on EducationPlannerBC), there are 2 essential components of your UBC Sauder application:

  1. Personal Profile: 6 short essay questions that outline your experiences, interests, skills, etc., as well as a ‘resume’ style list of activities/accomplishments and the contact info for two references. 
  2. Timed Video Responses: 2 randomly generated video interview questions that allow you to show your personality, life experiences, goals, and more.  

REMEMBER: The entire application must be submitted through a platform called EducationPlannerBC, where you will write your Personal Profile.

The video responses are completed through a third-party site. Once you have recorded your responses, you will copy and paste the confirmation URL from this site into your EducationPlannerBC application. 

The final application deadline is January 15, 2023.

The Personal Profile and interview are so important because they are one of the few opportunities you have to tell the admission committee more about who you are and where you’ve come from

Put simply, they give you the chance to explain what makes you, you.

You want to leave a great impression on the admissions committee, and one of the ways you can do that is by giving as much personal insight as you can, explaining how you’ve made it to where you are today and why you’d be a great fit for the UBC Sauder BCom program. 

Write your Personal Profile essay responses BEFORE you start your online application, so that you have time to rewrite, edit, and polish your answers. When you sign in, you will have to upload your answers immediately. For the interview, connect with a coach to do mock interviews and learn how to give standout answers that help increase your chances of getting accepted. Also check out our Interview Prep Skills Guide to learn how to ace any question that comes your way.

UBC Sauder Application: Personal Profile Questions 

Here are the UBC Sauder School of Business Personal Profile questions: 

  1. Explain how you responded to a problem and/or an unfamiliar situation. What did you do, what was the outcome, and what did you learn from the experience? (Maximum 1,500 characters)
  2. We live in a global and diverse society. Explain how your community involvement prepares you for the future in this complex world. (Maximum 1500 characters)
  3. List up to five activities or accomplishments in one or more of the following areas: Athletics, Clubs, Creative and Performing Arts, Family and Community, Service to Others, Volunteering, Work or Employment, and/or Other.
  4. Tell us more about ONE or TWO activities listed above that are most important to you. Please explain the role you played and what you learned in the process. You will be asked for a reference who can speak to your response. (Maximum 2100 characters)
  5. Additional Information (Optional): You may wish to use the space below to provide UBC with more information on your academic history to date and/or your future academic plans. For example: How did you choose your courses in secondary school? Are there life circumstances that have affected your academic decisions to date? What have you done to prepare yourself specifically for your intended area of study at UBC? (maximum 600 characters)
  6. Please submit the names of two referees who know you well and can comment on your preparedness for study at UBC. Examples of referees include an employer, a community member, a coach, a teacher/instructor, or anyone who knows you well. One of the referees you select MUST be able to speak to one of the activities / experiences described in one of your long-answer responses above. For applicants who are currently attending a high school, one of your referees MUST be a school official (e.g. grade 12 or senior year counselor, teacher, or IB Coordinator). Neither referee should be a friend, family member, or paid agent.

To learn how to write memorable essays for each of these questions and showcase your unique experiences, leadership potential, interests, skills, and goals, check out our UBC Sauder App Prep Guide and connect with a coach now.

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UBC Sauder Application: Video Interview Question Bank 

Here are some examples of the types of questions you can expect for your video interview:

ubc sauder application

You’ll notice that most of these questions are personal questions, meaning they ask you about what you would do in a certain situation, what you value, and the experiences you have had working on your own and with others. 

It can be super stressful to prepare for this interview when you don’t know exactly which questions will be asked until you actually get into the interview. We developed an effective strategy to help you effectively answer any question that comes up in an interview. Check out this game-changing interview prep strategy in our Interview Prep Skills Guide.

For sample answers to some of these questions, visit our UBC Sauder YouTube channel playlist

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UBC Sauder Application Evaluation 

When deciding who to accept into the BCom program, the Sauder admissions committee evaluates your entire online application as well as your academic performance, using this breakdown: 

  • 30%: Personal Profile
  • 20%: Video Interview
  • 50%: Grades

Based on this evaluation, your Personal Profile and video interview account for 50% of your overall evaluation. That’s A LOT, making these app components the difference maker for your acceptance or rejection from the program. 

Since your grades can only get you so far, you need to spend extra time thinking about and preparing your Personal Profile and video interview responses, and finding unique and memorable ways to showcase your experiences, interests, leadership potential, and suitability to the UBC Sauder BCom program. 

Your Personal Profile and interview tells the admissions committee a lot more about you than you think. The information you give in your answers (as well as how you give your answers) not only shows your experiences and your strengths as a student, it gives some insight into your skills, leadership potential, and teamwork skills. It shows them who you really are. 

The admissions committee is looking for candidates who will fit into the diverse and vibrant student body at Sauder, and contribute to this program through achieving goals, acting professionally under pressure, and contributing to the UBC community.  

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About the UBC Sauder Commerce (BCom) Program 

UBC Sauder Specializations (aka ‘Options’)

One of the great things about the Sauder BCom program is that it allows students to get a solid foundation in many areas of business and management and become an expert in a particular area of interest (‘specialization’) in upper years. 

Sauder has 10 specializations (aka ‘options’) for students to choose from at the end of Year 2:

  • Accounting 
  • Business Technology Management 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Finance 
  • General Business Management 
  • Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management 
  • Marketing 
  • Operations and Logistics 
  • Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources 
  • Real Estate 

Each of these options has specific GPA requirements and Year 1 and 2 course requirements (check those out here), and each requires 12-18 course credits from courses taken in Year 3 and Year 4, depending on which specialization is chosen.

Once completed, your transcript will show a Major in Business with your specialization selection noted on the transcript. 

Students also can also choose a concentration to complement their specialization. These are:

Each of these Concentrations require 12 credits in courses that go beyond the specific degree requirements, and they teach in-demand skillsets. These credits are counted towards elective requirements in the BCom degree. 

There’s also the option to do a joint Major in Business and Computer Science, called the BUCS program, as well as Computer Science. This is a great choice for someone who’s interested in a career in business and information technology. 

For a detailed breakdown of each specialization, as well as the requirements and course offerings for each, visit this page.  

UBC Sauder Course Offerings 

As mentioned above, Sauder courses help students build a comprehensive understanding of all areas of business and management, while becoming experts in their specialization later on. 

In Year 1, you’ll take courses that are a bit broader, allowing you to build that strong foundation. Here are the required first year courses:

  • Business Fundamentals (COMM101)
  • Values, Ethics, and Community (COMM105)
  • Introduction to Qualitative Decision Making (COMM190)
  • Application of Statistics in Business (COMM191)
  • Management and Organizational Behaviour (COMM192)
  • Business Communications I (COMM196)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON101)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON102)
  • Differential Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Science (MATH100)

For a detailed description of each of these courses, visit this page. In addition to these required courses, students will also take non-Commerce elective courses. At the end of Year 1, students must complete a total of 30 credits.

In Year 2, you’ll focus on establishing a working knowledge of business fundamentals while taking these required courses: 

  • Career Fundamentals (COMM 202)
  • Managing the Employment Relationship (COMM203)
  • Logistics and Operations Management (COMM204)
  • Introduction to Management Information Systems (COMM205)
  • Financial Accounting (COMM293)
  • Managerial Accounting (COMM294)
  • Managerial Economics (COMM295)
  • Introduction to Marketing (COMM296)
  • Introduction to Finance (COMM298)

For a detailed description of each of these courses, visit this page. In addition to these required courses, students will also take non-Commerce elective courses. At the end of Year 2, students must complete a total of 31 credits.

Then, in Year 3 and Year 4, students must take the courses required to complete their specialization (‘option’). See the course offerings for each specialization here.

If you have questions about these courses and what it’s really like to take them, connect with one of our Youth Coaches, who are Sauder alumni and ready to share their experiences and study strategies with you.

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UBC Sauder Degree Requirements

Sauder has put together a helpful degree progression timeline so you can make sure you’re satisfying all the requirements for your BCom degree. Check it out here and here

Just remember that requirements can change depending on your progression, whether you’re doing a co-op, etc. so do your research and make sure you’re meeting all the requirements for the degree. 

Our advice? Don’t be overwhelmed by the endless course list and GPA and course requirements. Just do your best, focus on one thing at a time, and before you know it you’ll earn that BCom degree! 🙂

UBC Sauder School of Business Ranking 

As of April 2022, the University of British Columbia is ranked 46th best university in the world, as well as 19th among North American universities. It’s also in the top 40 globally.

The UBC Sauder BCom program is ranked at the #1 best business program in Canada and is ranked 35th in the world for business and economics by 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 38th in the world for business and management.

ubc sauder commerce sauder school of business program

 UBC Sauder School of Business, Image Credit 

UBC Sauder School of Business Tuition 

Attending the Sauder BCom program at UBC can be pretty pricey, but based on how prestigious and well ranked this program is, the cost is definitely worth it. 

When considering how much it’ll cost to attend, remember that your fees will vary depending on your course load, year of study, and other factors. 

Here is the tuition for someone with a full course load in the Sauder BCom program: 

Year 1 students in 2021/2022 paid:

  • Domestic Students – $5,729.10 CAD
  • International Students – $53, 254.50 CAD

Year 2-4 (2022-2023) paid:

  • Domestic Students – $8,489.40 CAD
  • International Students – $55,384.50 CAD

In addition to tuition there are other fees and costs, such as student fees, as well as other costs associated with attending university like residence, books, food, parking, public transportation, etc. These costs can be an extra $15,000 CAD or more.

Check out U of T’s planning and budgeting tool here and for a comprehensive list of other fees, visit this page and this page.

UBC Sauder Scholarships and Awards 

We know that all the costs associated with going to university can seem super overwhelming. Luckily, there are dozens of opportunities to win some money to help with these high costs. 

Last year, the University of British Columbia gave over $15 million to incoming first year students! 

COACH’S TIP: Did you know that UBC is among the few universities in Canada to offer scholarships to international students? Every year, they give more than $30 million to international students from more than 105 countries. That’s HUGE if you want to attend Sauder but are worried about the high costs associated with international tuition fees. Learn more about financial assistance opportunities for international students here and connect with a coach to learn how you can get some of this money for yourself!

Here are some of the UBC awards available to Canadian students that you might want to consider applying for: 

UBC Sauder School of Business also has many funding opportunities for BCom students specifically. Here’s the list:

  • Bachelor of Commerce International Entrance Scholarship: Valued at up to $20,000, for international students
  • Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation Scholarship: Valued at cost of current tuition
  • Sheldon Trainor-De Girolamo Scholarship in Commerce: 2 scholarships valued at $4,200 each
  • HSBC Bank Canada Sauder School of Business Entrance Award: Valued at $2,000
  • BMO Entrance Award for Aboriginal Students in Commerce: Valued at $10,000
  • Real Estate Council of British Columbia Scholarship: Valued at approximately $8,550
  • Faculty Advisory Board Bachelor of Commerce Entrance Scholarship: Valued at $10,000

To learn more about each of these scholarships and the requirements, deadlines, and criteria to apply, visit this page.

Did you know that we’ve helped our students win more than $5 million in scholarships?! Connect with a coach to get the full list of scholarships for Sauder and learn how you can get some of this cash for yourself 🙂

UBC Sauder Co-op

Doing a co-op gives second and third year BCom students the chance to make money, gain valuable experience and professional skills, and build a strong professional network, all while completing their BCom degree.

With this co-op, students find their own placement, and work for 4 or 8 month terms (with 420 hours per term), and they’re graded as a pass/fail evaluation. These full-time work placements for domestic and international students. 

A co-op provinces experiential and hands-on learning in your chosen field, while earning an average monthly salary of $2,817-$4,156. That’s pretty awesome! 

To learn more about the UBC Sauder BCom Coop program, visit this page.

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UBC Sauder School of Business Contacts 

If you need help during the application process or you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Here’s the contact information for UBC Sauder School of Business:


​​UBC Sauder School of Business

University of British Columbia

Henry Angus Building

2053 Main Mall

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6T 1Z2

Telephone: 604-822-8333

Email: bcomquestions@sauder.ubc.ca 

Don’t forget! Our Youth Coaches are always here if you need any help with the admissions process, the application, preparing for first year, and anything in between! Contact us here.

UBC Sauder School of Business Graduate Programs & Continued Studies

If you’re interested in continuing your education after you receive your BCom, the UBC Sauder School of Business has plenty of options for graduate studies, diplomas, professional development, and more. These will all help you become even more of an expert in your chosen field and open up more professional opportunities down the road.


Here are the available Master’s programs at UBC Sauder:

UBC Sauder also has a PhD program in Business Administration if you’re seeking a career in teaching and research.

To learn more about UBC Sauder’s graduate programs and for a full description of each program, visit this page.


If you think you are interested in continuing your education beyond your Bachelor’s Degree, we highly recommend that you explore the Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree. This is a program that lets you combine your UBC undergraduate degree (it doesn’t have to be in business) with a Master of Management from UBC Sauder, completing it in 4.5 years.

The Master’s programs above can also be combined as Dual Degrees

To learn more about UBC Sauder’s dual degrees, visit this page.


In addition to the many graduate programs offered at the UBC Sauder School of Business, there are various professional development opportunities, diplomas, and even real estate programs that students can pursue after their BCom.

Here are the professional development programs offered:

Here are the diplomas offered: 

Finally, Sauder offers real estate credit programs as well as licensing registration courses for those who want to pursue a career in real estate. There are also Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education programs, like the Aboriginal Management Program, Ch’nook Accelerated Business Program, and Ch’nook Scholars Program

For more information about these programs, visit this page. If you’re unsure whether continuing your post-secondary education beyond the BCom is right for you, connect with a coach for support and to explore your options. 

UBC Sauder – A Day in the Life

Want to see what the UBC Sauder BCom program is really like? Check out this video by one of our Youthfully Insiders for an exclusive sneak peek:

Is Sauder your dream? We can help.

get a youth coach™

Common Questions from Students About the UBC Sauder BCom Program

Is UBC Sauder hard to get into?

Sauder is consistently ranked among the best business schools in North America and the world, with Maclean’s University Rankings listing it as the #1 business program in Canada in 2022 (and also the last five years!). 

It should come as no surprise then that admission to UBC Sauder is highly competitive

The application process reflects the selective nature of the program: besides high school transcripts, applicants need to complete a Personal Profile and video interview to showcase their skills, experiences, and interests, and prove that they’d be a great fit for the program. This can be a lengthy and stressful process.

While meeting the basic admission requirements listed on the Sauder website doesn’t necessarily guarantee admission, you definitely want to ensure that you put forward your best application by excelling in your grade 12 classes, being involved in your community and causes you’re passionate about, and doing a good job showcasing such involvements in your essays and video interview responses. If you take the time to work on each of these things, you can increase your chances of admission success. 

This process might seem super hard, but just know that we’re always here to help — and trust us, it will be worth all the effort when you get your acceptance letter from UBC Sauder!

What is UBC Sauder known for? 

Besides its location in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with breathtaking campus views of both the ocean and the mountains, UBC Sauder is known for its world class business education

Different factors contribute to the high quality of the program, but here are a few factors that set Sauder apart from other undergraduate business programs:

  • Hands-on, experiential learning: BCom classes at Sauder go beyond textbook theories. You’ll learn how to write a resume and cover letter, prepare for job interviews, work in groups (sometimes with colleagues from other programs/ faculties), present to an audience, write business plans, put together an IPO offering, become proficient in Excel (beyond the typical SUM, AVERAGE formulas), and even visit a real court proceeding. At Sauder, no two courses are the same experience, and you’ll receive a very practical, well-rounded education that will prepare you well for the real corporate world. 
  • Industry-led mentorship programs: Besides the traditional internship and co-op programs typically found in any business school, UBC Sauder offers both school-run and student-managed mentorship programs that provide specialized preparation and training for students interested in certain career paths, led by alumni or professionals working in the fields. Check out Sauder’s Portfolio Management Program, which is arguably one of the best mentorship programs in the country for students interested in capital markets and investment banking, as well as the Strategic Consulting Mentorship Program, as examples. The list of mentorship and specialty programs available at UBC Sauder grows longer every year!
  • An incredibly international experience: UBC in general and Sauder specifically boast a very diverse student body, with students from all over the world contributing their perspectives and ideas in the classroom. UBC Sauder also has a very extensive exchange program which will allow you to experience a business education that’s truly global in nature. 
  • World-renowned faculty: UBC Sauder is ranked #16 for business research excellence in North America, which speaks volume to the quality of the faculty (aka your instructors and professors). You’ll have the opportunity to not only learn from them in the classroom, but also participate in their research (as research assistants), or lead a research project under their guidance! UBC Sauder’s Commerce Scholars Program is a unique program (if not the only one in Canada!) that provides training and research opportunities to undergraduate students, where students get to work with their faculty mentor on a business research project. 

How do I pick a specialization/option at UBC Sauder BCom? 

It might seem overwhelming at first, but just remember that you have time to figure out which of the ten primary specializations/options interests you. 

In your first two years at Sauder, you are required to complete foundational business courses as well as introductory classes in each of the specializations. These first two years not only provide a solid and well-rounded foundation for your future career in business, but also allow you to develop an appreciation for the nature of each specialization and find out which specializations suit your strengths and interests

Another great way to learn more about each specialization is hearing directly from industry professionals working in that specialization. Take advantage of networking events, company, and industry info sessions organized by Sauder Business Career Centre and student-run specialization clubs (such as the UBC Accounting Club, UBC Finance Club, UBC Marketing Association, to name a few – there’s at least one student club for each specialization out there!). These will help you explore your interests more and learn more about career paths for graduates in each specialization. These events are also a great opportunity to hear from alumni and industry professionals how it’s actually like working in a particular field or career. 

It’s also worth noting that you have the option to pursue two specializations as well. Many students do a double specialization in Finance and Accounting, or Business Technology Management (BTM) and Finance (BTM pairs well with pretty much any other specialization, given the undeniable role of technology in any sector nowadays). And don’t forget, the staff and faculty at Sauder are always there to help if you are having trouble deciding and need some guidance. 

What are the classes like at Sauder Commerce? 

Classes at UBC Sauder are both challenging and engaging

The majority of students who have gone through the first year at Sauder would share that Sauder classes are significantly more difficult than their high school materials, which, for many, might have been unexpected at first. 

While the nature of each class varies depending on the subject and the professor, certain elements are common for every class, such as group projects (because teamwork is pretty much a given in any job these days), presentations (when you present in a Sauder class, you’re expected to don a suit or business attire), and active participation both in classroom discussions but also on online learning platforms. 

In other words, Sauder classes tend to be very “hands-on” and require a great deal of work! The majority of foundation courses in Year 1 and 2 are large in size, with lectures taking place in massive lecture halls and tutorial sessions held by teaching assistants in smaller groups. As you progress into specialization classes, the class size tends to be smaller. Regardless of the class size, take advantage of office hours where you can meet your professors and teaching assistants one-on-one to solidify your understanding of the class materials and foster relationships with them (some professors and teaching assistants actively work in the industry, so it’s always a good idea to know them personally!). 

You’ve Got a Dedicated Coach in Your Corner

For over a decade, we have worked with thousands of students to help them achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

Our coaches have a strong success rate supporting students as they apply to UBC Sauder BCom, among other top university programs.

 Our 1-on-1 Youth Coaching fills that gap that most high schools miss. We can help you build self-awareness through probing questions and assessments, set bigger goals to elevate your extracurriculars and future career plans, and improve skills that matter on supplementary applications, such as interviewing, written communication, critical thinking, and creativity. 

We use a coaching methodology, called ‘full student’ development, that’s been proven to increase your chances of admission to top-tier universities and obtaining competitive jobs/internships. 

So, what are you waiting for? Fulfill your post-secondary potential with the mentorship and coaching you’ve always wanted! 🙂

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