Student Passion Project Awards (2023 Showcase)

Students can accomplish more than you think.

Our students want to do more than fulfill a community service requirement or settle for a classroom simulation – they want REAL experience and they want to do work that matters to them.

These students typically face two primary challenges:

  • They have an idea but they aren’t sure how to launch the idea and get started
  • They have a drive or passion for a field or cause but aren’t sure how to translate that into a high-impact experience

Let’s face it; parents, guidance counselors, and teachers often are not equipped with the knowledge or time to act as a coach for students and support them the way they need.

Youthfully’s Passion Project Program is designed to provide support and structure to students who want to work on a project they care about. 

This summer, we had over 35 students working 1:1 with coaches on projects ranging from tackling the isolation and loneliness of the elderly to collecting eyeglasses to provide eye care to people with visual impairments.

Our Winners

Check out the Top 5 Projects from this summer’s Showcase:

2020 Mission, Kobe

Kobe launched 2020 Mission with the support of Coach Mudgha. At the age of ten, Kobe was devastated by the news that he had deteriorating eyesight. 

He thought he would have to give up basketball, which was his favorite sport and the reason for his name-sake – Kobe Bryant.

Kobe identified a project that aligned with his values and that he felt personally connected to while developing confidence in his communication skills and deepening his knowledge in science and healthcare. 

Since its inception, 2020 Mission has collected and distributed 1300+ pairs of glasses to individuals who suffer from untreated vision impairment and don’t have proper vision care.

Bravo Kobe!

Backtrack, Tika

Tika worked with Coach Shrey to develop Backtrack – a ‘GitHub for musicians’. 

As an amateur music producer, Tika found it difficult to maintain effective version control when creating new tracks. 

Tools like Google Drive and Figma have given us the ability to collaborate effectively on documents and designs, but he hadn’t found one for music production. 

So, he created his own!

Working closely with Coach Shrey, Tika developed an incredible app that allows users to import various music files, experiment with new sounds and mixes, and save the output seamlessly. 

As a user iterates with various sounds and versions, Backtrack lets users keep a clear log of their work and share it with others. 

He’s continued to add features and build new functionality he uses himself.

We love the innovation, Tika!

EasyEco, Jade

Aspiring engineer, Jade, worked on EasyEco with Coach Jess. 

She was keen to build something that not only helped her build new skills and aid her community but something she would have sustained interest in.

By identifying and focusing on a topic that aligned with her values – sustainability – Jade felt she maintained motivation to see her project through various challenges and roadblocks. 

She also discovered a love for design software like Figma, which she believes will help her in future work as an engineer or designer.

Kudos to you, Jade!

Music with Age, Brandon

Brandon worked with Coach Desmond to launch Music with Age. 

When Brandon enrolled with Youthfully, he thought he would launch a music teaching business. 

Coach Desmond encouraged Brandon to dig deeper, which helped him discover he could draw a more personal connection to his work.

Brandon recalled the challenges his grandparents faced when the pandemic struck. Lockdowns impacted the frequency and quality of his family’s visits. 

He decided he wanted to try and improve the emotional well-being and mental health of the elderly through music. 

Even though the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, Brandon believes the lingering feelings of loneliness and isolation among the elderly are still key issues to address.

Well done, Brandon!

mEYEcare, Anya

Anya worked with Coach Mughda on mEYEcare.

During Covid-19, Anya’s brother was diagnosed with myopia and she realized that many children had a similar experience, likely because of an increase in screen time.

After some initial research, Anya designed some educational resources that she got approved by her local municipality. 

She then distributed these throughout her community, scheduled presentations at local schools to educate students about the risks to their eyesight, and ran an event where she connected students with optometrists to ensure early diagnosis and treatment of visual impairments.

Incredible work, Anya!

The Youthfully Advantage

These are just a sample of the innovative and impactful projects Youthfully students pursue.

Youthfully students develop the confidence and skills to successfully gain admission to top programs or land that first critical role.

Academic and career opportunities are becoming more competitive by the year (check out our blog about grade inflation). 

By matching students with a coach, they receive personalized support that dramatically increases their chances of achieving their goals.

Helping students clarify what they care about and focus on the work that matters to them is increasingly important.

To learn more about Youthfully’s Passion Project, check out our Extracurriculars Page. Or, if you want help figuring out if this program is right for you, apply today to see if it’s the right fit



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