How Expensive is Queen’s Commerce Tuition?

For the 2019/20 academic year, tuition for Queen’s Commerce is $17,700 for domestic students. For international students, tuition amounts to $45,790. 

According to Queen’s website, in addition to tuition in 2019/20, students could expect to pay the following fees: $1,250 (student fees), $14,315 (residence and meal plan), and $2,175 (textbooks and supplies). 

The textbook and supply fee is an estimate and will vary from student to student. 

Although Queen’s Commerce certainly delivers a high-quality education, it’s a very expensive program. 

In fact, for the 2018/19 academic year the average tuition for domestic students was $6,838. Queen’s Commerce is significantly above that.  

Recent Changes in Queen’s Commerce Tuition

Partly, Queen’s Commerce’s tuition is so high, because it has increased in recent years. From 2018/19 to 2019/20 tuition rose $1,000. 

To our knowledge, Queen’s has the second highest undergraduate tuition in Canada with Ivey HBA having the highest tuition. 

Since founder of Youthfully, Joel Nicholson, started Queen’s in 2006, the tuition has gone up nearly 80%. This is a massive jump! Although graduating students at Queen’s Commerce enjoy an average starting salary of $61,583, this figure hasn’t increased much since 2006 to account for the change in tuition. 

The graph below shows the changes in tuition since 2010.

Notice that 2019 actually shows a decrease in tuition. This is because the Government of Ontario instituted a 10% tuition reduction. 

Still, don’t expect tuition to continue decreasing. Each year more and more applicants apply to Queen’s Commerce. Since the demand is there, the tuition isn’t going to decrease, unless the government intervenes again. 

Keep in mind that almost all prestigious universities around the world tend to be more costly. Although $17,700 for Queen’s is expensive, when compared to institutions like Harvard and Yale whose tuition is well over $50,000 (USD) a year, Queen’s tuition seems more reasonable.

Also remember that there are various Queen’s scholarships that will help reduce tuition costs.

If you’re thinking about applying to Queen’s Commerce and want to maximize the likelihood of not only getting accepted, but also receiving scholarships, check out our Youth Coaching services. You can also reach out to us directly by contacting:

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