Queen’s Commerce Supplementary Application Deadline and Early Admission

In 2020, the final Queen’s Commerce application deadline for the PSE was February 1.

Although we suspect this deadline will not change in upcoming years, Queen’s Commerce has changed the deadline before. So, keep in mind that in future years, this deadline might change. 

Check the most up-to-date deadlines on the Queen’s Commerce website

You might have heard the deadline is in the middle of February and not on the first. That’s because before 2020, the PSE was due in mid-February. Queen’s moved it forward 2 weeks. Always check the Queen’s website for the most recent deadline. 

Also, there are additional important deadlines to keep in mind. You might decide to turn in your Supplementary Application before the February 1st deadline.

In 2020, Queen’s Commerce changed the way they handle the Supplementary Essays. Now, there are three different sets of essay questions. The essay questions change every month from November to January.

 This means there are technically two other deadlines: Nov. 30 and Dec 31. 

Note: you do NOT need to submit all three sets of two essays. You merely submit the two essays for a single deadline. You get to choose which deadline and consequently which set of essays you submit.

For instance, as you apply for Queen’s Commerce admission, if you like the two essays for November, you will want to submit those by November 30.  If you don’t like those essays, you could consider waiting for the December essays to be released. Then, you would submit those essays by December 31. 

Deadline for Supplementary Essays and PSE

If you intend on submitting the Supplementary Essays first and then filling out the PSE later, you shouldn’t wait too long

We confirmed with the admissions office that they do not package applications for the admission committee until both the PSE and SE have been submitted. So, you’ll want to submit your PSE and SE close together, for the same deadline. 

Want more information about the PSE and SE? Contact us before Queen’s Commerce’s application deadline!

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Thinking About Early Admission to Queen’s Commerce?

Early admission to Queen’s Commerce is a little tricky. Although most schools offer early admission, Queen’s Commerce does not have a standard early admission application. 

However, there is a way to apply and gain admission to Queen’s Commerce well before the majority of applicants. Sadly, we can’t reveal this information in this free guide.

If you have questions and want to reach out to use directly, email us at:


Also, check out our Queen’s Commerce Guide for a comprehensive breakdown of essential, need-to-know information for prospective applicants.

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