Queen’s Commerce Scholarships

Queen’s Commerce Scholarships are competitive, especially for incoming students. This is partially because there aren’t many scholarships available. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any, so it’s certainly worthwhile for you to explore any possible scholarship opportunities. 

There are three main categories of scholarships: Major Admission Awards, Automatic Admission Scholarships, and Other Admissions Awards.

The awards that require an application have varying deadlines. Check out the links below for up-to-date deadline information for your application year. 

Major Admission Awards

Major Admission Awards all require an application, and some require a high school nomination. These awards include prestigious awards like Chancellor’s Award, the Melvin R. Goodes Entrance Award, and the Bank of Montreal Award. 

These awards are given to students based on academic excellence, creative and critical thinking, leadership, and/or extracurriculars. 

Many of the awards also consider the student’s financial need.

In fact, we help at least one student per year win the Chancellor’s Award, worth $36,000 over four years. Contact us for help on your scholarship application:


These awards can provide as much as $80,000 total ($20,000/year), so you should definitely browse the website and see which awards you are applicable to apply for.

Automatic Admission Scholarships

Automatic Admission Scholarships require no additional application. All accepted students, even international students, will be considered for these awards

Queen’s selects the recipients of these awards based solely on academic achievement. 

Some awards are renewable for several years, given a student meets specific conditions for renewal. 

There are three types of Automatic Admission Scholarships:

  • Principal’s Scholarship: ($4,000 for 1 year, non-renewable)
  • Excellence Scholarship ($1,500 for 1 year, non-renewable)
  • Senator Frank Carrel Merit Scholarship ($5,000, renewable for up to 4 total years)

Other Admission Awards

This is the most varied of the award categories. 

You can apply for one or all of these Other Admission Awards by submitting an Admission Awards Application. 

These awards vary in monetary value from $1,000 to $60,000. 

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Also, check out our Queen’s Commerce Guide for a comprehensive breakdown of essential, need-to-know information for prospective applicants.

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