Queen’s Commerce Requirements for Applicants

Queen’s Commerce high school requirements differ depending on where you attend high school.

For those who attend high schools in Ontario, to get into Queen’s Commerce, there are set and clear basic requirements based on courses and grades.

You must meet all these requirements before you can be officially admitted.

Queen’s Commerce Requirements for Ontario Students

Mandatory Course
Minimum Mark
Grade 12 English (ENG4U)
Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)
One other 4U math course, such as:Grade 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U) Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management (MDM4U)
Three additional 4U or 4M courses

If you don’t meet these prerequisites before applying to Queen’s that can be fine. You can still be accepted with a conditional offer. This means that as long as you complete the required courses before attending Queen’s you will be accepted. 

Queen’s Commerce Requirements for British Columbia Students

If you attend school in British Columbia, you need English 12, Pre-Calc 12 or Calculus 12. In all these classes you’ll need a minimum of 80%. 

You also need two additional Grade 12 subjects (no minimum grade).

Queen’s Commerce Requirements for Students Outside of BC and Ontario

If you attend high school in a different region in Canada or internationally, admission requirements will differ

Queen’s Commerce has this convenient admissions requirement tool to assist you in determining what high school requirements you need. Simply select your location, then under the Commerce section, select Smith School of Business, Commerce (QC). 

For instance, for those in Alberta, for program specific requirements, you’ll need to take English 30-1, as well as Mathematics 30-1 and 31 with minimum grades of 80%. You’ll also need two additional academic 30 or 31 courses. 

Whereas, in Quebec you’ll need two courses in English, and two in Mathematics (Calc I, II, or Linear Algebra) with a minimum of grades of 80%.

For international students, requirements vary greatly. Be sure to check out the tool for more information!

If you’re confused about these requirements or simply want to learn more about how to be a strong applicant to Queen’s Commerce, check out our Youth Coaching services.

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Also, check out our Queen’s Commerce Guide for a comprehensive breakdown of essential, need-to-know information for prospective applicants.

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