Queen’s Commerce Ranking & Reputation

Within Canada, Queen’s Commerce is certainly a top-ranked and well-regarded program. However, it is a bit challenging to find quantitative data regarding rankings for undergraduate programs.

Outside of Canada, understanding Queen’s Commerce ranking and reputation is even more complicated. 

So, let’s start with Canada.

Queen’s Commerce Ranking & Reputation in Canada

Typically, rankings focus on MBA programs rather than undergraduate ones. Although Queen’s MBA program is routinely ranked within the top 10 programs in Canada , their undergraduate program has even more of a stellar reputation.

In fact, from 2017-2020, Queen’s MBA has consistently been ranked in the top 10 programs according to institutions like Maclean’s and Canadian Business 

Another important MBA ranking is by Bloomberg in 2018 , which was the last time Bloomberg ranked schools globally. 

The MBA program at Queen’s Commerce was ranked 66th in the world. This is particularly impressive, because as previously noted, Queen’s undergraduate program is even better than their MBA. 

For the 2019-20 year, Queen’s MBA impressively rose one slot to be ranked as the #2 MBA program in Canada.

Without specific rankings for undergraduate programs, it’s difficult to know just how prestigious Queen’s Commerce is. But rest assured that within Canada anyone in the business sector should be familiar with Queen’s Commerce and recognize that it’s an excellent undergraduate experience . 

Additionally, according to Mines Paris Tech, Queen’s Commerce has the highest number of graduates who have been employed in high ranking positions (CEO or the equivalent) in Fortune Global 500 companies. Queen’s is ranked first out of all Canadian universities and is 38th internationally. 

Although there will always be debate about what the best undergraduate business program is in Canada, Queen’s Commerce will always be in the conversation .

Queen’s Commerce World Ranking & Reputation

Outside of Canada, Queen’s Commerce certainly has less name recognition. Just like in Canada, people in other countries will be most familiar with the top institutions in their region.

Some of our Youth Coaches here at Youthfully, who are graduates of Queen’s Commerce, have spent years working in the business sector abroad in regions like Asia, Australia, and the U.S. 

Unfortunately, the reputation of Queen’s Commerce in these regions is fairly non-existent. Queen’s simply doesn’t have the name recognition in places like the U.S., which is home to so many top-ranked business programs. 

For instance, during a stint in New York, creator of Youthfully, Joel Nicholson, found that many people thought Queen’s Commerce was in Queens, NY. 

In places like the U.S., this lack of recognition will likely be the case for most if not every Canadian and non-U.S. program. In Bloomberg’s 2018 global rankings, only one school in the top 20 wasn’t in the United States (#10 IMD in Switzerland).

But, this doesn’t mean that as a graduate from Queen’s Commerce you can’t find a job internationally. You can always reference rankings like Bloomberg to show hiring managers that your education is solid. Plus, remember pedigree isn’t everything; what you do during your time at university and after matters. Queen’s Commerce prepares its students excellently to excel on the job market and in their jobs. 

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Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson is the Co-founder and CEO of Youthfully—a 1-on-1 Youth Coaching platform that helps students reach their full post-secondary potential. Before Youthfully, he graduated from Queen's Commerce, co-founded CampusRankings (acquired), and was a management consultant and a college professor.

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