Queen’s Commerce Degrees: Majors, Minors, & Double / Dual Degrees

At Queen’s Commerce, all students receive a Bachelor of Commerce, known as a BCom for short. This is what officially appears on the diploma.

Queen’s Commerce does not offer other official majors or minors. 

However, during students’ third and fourth years, they have tremendous flexibility in the courses they can take, so they can specialize in certain areas of business to better prepare themselves for their desired fields.

Note that this does not change the official degree, a Bachelor of Commerce.

Queen’s Commerce Dual & Double Degrees

Smith Commerce offers one dual degree option. 

Students can pursue a dual degree with the Faculty of Arts and Science, which can be done concurrently with the Bachelor of Commerce with Queen’s Commerce. 

However, the dual degree requires 126 additional units of coursework. This is all but impossible to achieve in four years. Usually students pursuing this dual degree option take five or even six years to complete it.

Queen’s Commerce also offers a Double Degree option. Every academic year, as many as five Queen’s Commerce students are selected to study in China at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Students in this program receive two degrees: a BCom from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Peking University. 

Participating students spend their first two years at Queen’s and their second two years at Peking University in Beijing, China. All required classes these students take at Peking are taught in English. 

Queen’s also offers a BCom/Juris Doctor (JD) combined degree. Although this isn’t quite a double degree, this program is ideal for business students who are interested in pursuing a JD degree after they complete their undergraduate studies.

This combined degree is six years long, which reduces total completion time by a year. If pursued separately, a BCom takes four years to obtain and a JD takes three years.  

Queen’s students can apply for this combined degree program in the third year of their undergraduate studies. 

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