Queen’s Commerce Job Placement Rate & Average Graduate Salary

Queen’s Commerce has incredibly impressive employment statistics.

They have an excellent job placement rate and strong average starting graduate salaries. 

In recent years, 98% of job-seeking students were employed within six months of graduation. 

Below shows the breakdown by industry in 2017. 

Notice the well-rounded placement across many competitive business-related fields. For example, consulting is a very tough industry to break into, and yet that field accounts for 18% of Queen’s Commerce’s job placement. That’s impressive.

Queen’s well-rounded placement shows how well the program can prepare its students for a wide range of careers. 

This means that regardless of what field you want to pursue, Queen’s Commerce could likely be a great fit. 


According to the Queen’s Commerce website, the mean base salary for Commerce graduates is $61,583. The highest reported base salary is $119,655. 

Given that this is not a round number, this salary likely comes from a graduate who works outside of Canada. Very likely, this salary comes from Goldman Sachs in NY. Often one graduating student from Queen’s Commerce gets a job there each year. 

$61,583 is a decent average base salary. However, the average salary hasn’t increased much in the past decade. This is more of an industry-wide issue than indicative of anything specific about Queen’s.

Note that Queen’s doesn’t include further details like signing bonuses or other possible modes of compensation, whereas other top programs, like Western Ivey, do account for these perks. This is one likely reason why Wester Ivey’s average salary is higher ($70,393). 

Although the mean salary at Queen’s Commerce is $61,583, note that salaries range by field and place of employment. Finance reports the highest mean base salary at $79,037. Consulting graduates have a mean base salary of $72,947 and for Data and Analytics, it’s only slightly lower at $66,802.

Other fields like Business Development and Accounting have substantially lower base salaries at $47,100 and $46,796 respectively. 

Queen’s Commerce students find jobs at a wide range of companies from Amazon to Zendesk. They work everywhere from Canada to places abroad like the U.S., Belgium, China, the UK, Singapore, and beyond.

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Joel Nicholson

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