Queen’s Commerce Exchange / Study Abroad

One of the many strengths of Queen’s Commerce is their international exchange program.

During your third year, you have the option to go on an exchange for either the fall or spring semester. 

Queen’s encourages students to participate in this exchange and they try to make it as easy as possible for all students to attend. Queen’s Commerce even offers a scholarship to help students with financial need. 

As a result of Queen’s Commerce’s efforts, over 90% of Commerce students take advantage of this fantastic exchange opportunity. 

Queen’s Commerce study abroad program is comprised of over 100 exchange partners in over 35 countries. The number of exchange opportunities grows almost every year. 

Founder of Youthfully, Joel Nicholson, went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in the fall of his third year. 

He actually found a loophole and was able to go on two exchanges. He also attended the Bader International Study Centre, also known as “The Castle.” This is one of Queen’s University’s satellite campuses and is at Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex. 

Don’t count on being able to go on two exchanges though. Now, students only ever go for one semester.

Advantages of Queen’s Commerce Exchange/Study Abroad

Exchange semesters are tremendous and eye-opening opportunities. Usually classes are relatively easy, which gives students time to explore and experience their new surroundings. Usually, you’ll travel every weekend. 

In addition to being life-changing, these experiences can give you useful cultural and international experience, which might help you in a career in the very globally-connected field of business. 

Interested in an exchange abroad? If you’ll be applying to Queen’s Commerce to take advantage of their great exchange program, you should check out our Youth Coaching services and FREE Queen’s Commerce Guide to get all the information and support you need.

Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson is the Co-founder and CEO of Youthfully—a 1-on-1 Youth Coaching platform that helps students reach their full post-secondary potential. Before Youthfully, he graduated from Queen's Commerce, co-founded CampusRankings (acquired), and was a management consultant and a college professor.

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