What is Queen’s Commerce Enrollment and Class Size?

In the past 15 or so years, the number of enrolled students per year has ranged from as little as 300 to as much as 550.

In more recent years, Queen’s Commerce’s enrollment size has grown. In the class of 2024, there are 500 enrolled students. In the previous year, there are 475 students. 

To compare this to 2006, there were only roughly 300 enrolled students. 

Why the Queen’s Commerce Class Size Changed?

The class size began to grow after 2010, when Queen’s expanded Goodes Hall. They intended to double class size up to 600. However, in 2014, when class size reached 552, students started to complain, because they thought the program had grown too large. 

Queen’s Commerce students enjoy the tight-knit quality of the program, and felt having 550 or more students diminished their experience. 

The university listened to student complaints, so, in 2014, Queen’s Commerce hit its peak class size. Since, then, the class size has remained at or below 500. See the chart below for more information about class size:

It’s important to note that during this time, Queen’s Commerce applicant numbers actually have gone up. So, though class size is staying roughly similar, more and more students are applying to the program

This, of course, makes Queen’s Commerce an even more competitive program. 

In terms of number of students per individual course taken in the Queen’s Commerce program, the university limits all Commerce courses to a maximum of 80 students.These smaller class sizes help all students get to know each other and their professors, which helps establish that small, collegial, and tight-knit environment that students enjoy. 

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