What is the Queen’s Commerce Acceptance Rate?

Queen’s Commerce is a competitive program. For all students who meet the minimum cut-off requirements, there is roughly a 15% overall acceptance rate.

How do we calculate that number?

Some people calculate an acceptance rate as low as 6%. They look at Queen’s Commerce number of applications (~8,000/year) and their annual enrollment (~500 students in 2019/20). This yields a 6% acceptance rate.

But! This is incorrect.

Calculating Queen’s Commerce Acceptance Rate

These people fail to account for a few key things in Queen’s Commerce admission.

This calculation fails to include students who don’t meet the Queen’s Commerce cut off average requirement. Students must have a minimum average of 87% to be reviewed by the admission committee.

Applicants who don’t meet this requirement are simply wasting their time if they apply to Queen’s. You must meet the Queen’s Commerce cut off average.

Also, this number doesn’t take into account the fact that many students are given offers of admission and then choose to attend other universities or programs. No university enrolls 100% of admitted students.

Queen’s reports that about 60% of students accept their offers of admissions per year. This means Queen’s must accept a much larger number of students than their enrolling class. 

When you take the above considerations in mind, the actual acceptance rate for Queen’s commerce is the total number of admission offers divided by the total number of applicants that meet the cutoff requirement. 

Calculate that, and you get an acceptance rate of 15%.

Keep in mind, that this pool of applicants who have over an 87% average are extremely talented people. The acceptance rate of 15% is already quite low, but in addition to that you’re competing against some of Canada’s and the world’s best students. 

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