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Get high-quality 1:1 coaching to help you lay a foundation for your professional journey by obtaining great role and performing on-the-job.

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Getting a career-quality job is a big step.

So you’re looking to build your career experience?

Getting a really great role can be challenging because you’re competing against other students from top schools who may have experience or connections.

You’ve probably been told to browse LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job boards, but you’re a bit overwhelmed about where to begin and how to stand out.

Blindly applying to jobs will get you nowhere.

Mass applying to internships without taking the time to research the company and the role is a common mistake that many students make.

The “spray and pray” approach may seem like a time-efficient strategy, but it will not be well received by employers and will lead to rejections.

Don’t risk wasting your time and effort on opportunities that may not be the best fit for you… your career deserves more than that.


Landing a great job requires a strategy & a plan.

Landing a great job is a significant accomplishment that requires more than just sending out resumes and waiting for an interview.

You need to come up with a strategy to stand out from other applicants, like adapting to a constantly changing job market, networking to leverage personal connections, and finding ways to stay focused and organized. This will increase your chances of landing the job you want.

For 14+ Years We’ve Helped Students Launch their Careers

Your Coach Will Help You With


  • Identifying top job prospects
  • Résumé development
  • Cover letter development
  • Interview preparation
  • Follow-up strategies
  • Networking connections & strategies
Increase Your Salary by $14k

client Journey


Youth Coaching helped Melody work on an internship project from Uber Toronto, pursue a career and academic path that was aligned with her true passions and interests, get accepted to Queen’s Computer Science, and gain confidence and self-assurance.

Read Melody's Journey

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The Youthfully Advantage

As the pioneer and global leader of holistic youth coaching, we provide the world’s most comprehensive platform for student growth and achievement.

1:1 access to the best career coaches in the business.

Rather than another group-based classroom-style program, we focus on what students need and want: a 1-on-1 personalized learning experience.

We only hire the best (just 1% of applicants) and they span the most influential and popular industries. 

From successful entrepreneurs, to app developers, to published scientists, they bring deep expertise, experience, and a vast network you can leverage.


Ignite your whole-student potential.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end after you get your dream job.

You’ll need support overcoming obstacles, such as succeeding in that role, managing challenging bosses, and obtaining even better job opportunities ahead.

We’re in the perfect position to support you through each one.

Nobody has it all figured out...

As a business school student, I struggled to land the job of my dreams despite attending a top-tier program with a reputed career center.

Despite tireless preparation for technical interviews, I felt the little coaching I received was outdated and not tailored to the demands of modern recruitment processes.

Sadly, employers echoed these concerns, highlighting students’ lack of interview skills, unremarkable resumes, and poor on-the-job performance.

As a student and new grad, I realized my career success ultimately boiled down to a stroke of luck.

But for students determined to take control of their careers, Youthfully’s 1:1 career coaching offers up-to-date and personalized guidance to navigate complex recruitment processes and secure coveted dream jobs.

Co-founder & CEO


What People Say

“A marketing internship with an incredible startup.”
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“I am very happy with my experience with Youthfully. I obtained an internship in private equity, working directly under the CEO to work on due diligence analysis for company acquisitions. This is extremely rare experience for a high school student.

It not only helped reassure me that my decision to pursue business is a good one, it helped me get my career launched at a very early age.”



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