Custom Coaching Plans for One-of-a-Kind Students.

Receive personalized 1:1 holistic coaching tailored to your unique needs, interests, and goals on an annual basis.

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This 1:1 Coaching Program is For:


Students who are looking to excel at academics, career, and extracurriculars.

Overwhelmed Students

Students struggling to balance everything on their plate and need support.

Neurodiverse Learners

Students who have highly-individualized and neurodiverse backgrounds.

Achieve Greater Educational And Career Success With A 1:1 Youth Coach.

Students face a variety of obstacles on their path.


You’re not getting any guidance through these complex challenges.


You’re receiving one-off or surface-level advice from people not really sinking into the problem.


Your current coaches lack a versatile toolkit for your specific challenges.


Make the most of the formative years with a 1:1 coach.


We give you dedicated support to tackle every challenge ahead.


We provide more in-depth and personalized advice to push you beyond your potential.


We offer a holistic, integrated coaching on your multi-faceted problems.

Yanyu excelled with personalized 1:1 coaching for university, extracurriculars, and jobs.

Learn more about Yanyu’s student journey from start to finish.

Program Outline

This is an annual, recurring 1:1 coaching plan—completely tailored to each student’s needs and goals.

Phase 1

Student Discovery

Effective coaching starts with understanding who you are, which is crucial for students like you. Your coach will guide you through a reflective process made up of personality assessments and live sessions to discover what makes you tick.

They’ll help you learn from your experiences and accomplishments, gaining self-awareness about your strengths, passions, and interests.. This self-awareness becomes the foundation for setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and making informed decisions about your academic and personal paths.

Outcome: Student Identity Blueprint Complete

Phase 2

Strategy & Planning

Now we have a strong foundation to set clear goals, develop a high-level strategy, and create a more specific actionable plan.

As a student, your time is limited, so it’s crucial to prioritize effectively and be clear on what needs to be done in different areas of your life, from academics to extracurriculars to jobs.

Through this process, we’ll constantly check in with the strategy and plan, and iterate it as needed to ensure you’re staying focused on the most important areas.

This deliberate approach will keep you on track, maximize your potential, and lead you to success in every area.

Outcome: Clear goals & plan

Phase 3

Execution & Guidance

Roadblocks and challenges are inevitable on the path to your goals.

Through live coaching sessions and offline support, your coach will help you overcome challenges, think through solutions, stay motivated and accountable, celebrate achievements, identify areas for improvement, and chart your progress.

With our unwavering support and your dedication, you’ll not only reach your goals but also cultivate the resilience and learnings necessary to thrive in all areas of your life.

Outcome: Results & learnings


Application Process


Tell us a bit about yourself.

Intake & Interview

Meet with a member of our team.

Accepted & Matched

Get started with your perfect coach.

Access world-class 1:1 coaching when you need it most.

Great mentors are tough to find—especially those who will be there when you need them most.

At Youthfully, you’ll get a dedicated coach, carefully matched with the background and style that suits you most.

But these aren’t just any coaches, we accept just 1% of coach applicants—sourced from a diverse range of backgrounds—and all of whom are background checked, certified, and rigorously vetted for high-achievement, ability, and experience.


Dedicated & holistic support across the areas you need.

Students face complex and interconnected challenges throughout their educational journey.

However, relying on different advisors or mentors at each stage can be frustrating and inefficient.

Our coaching experience offers continuity and a more holistic, personalized, and comprehensive approach that fully empowers students to succeed.

client Journey


Youth Coaching helped Stephanie discover her purpose and develop the skills (and confidence) necessary to reach big goals aligned with that purpose—like being a finalist for the Loran Award and TD Scholarship for Community Leaders, launching a successful non-profit, getting into Queen’s Commerce, and obtaining a prestigious internship after first-year.

Read Stephanie's Journey
Youthfully Reviews Stephanie

Common Questions

No. Unlike our other programs, the Custom Annual Coaching Plan allows ultimate flexibility to be able to receive coaching on all areas of need.

You may start as soon as you’re accepted into the program and you may use your hours at any time throughout the next year.

For example, if you wish to use all hours in the first four months, you may. We also have options to upgrade for more hours if needed.

For students attending summer camp, you and your coach can work around this commitment by spending time on the project prior to or after camp.

Yes, custom coaching is completely tailored to your needs, so it’s open to all students.

Yes. Since this is a 1:1 program, it’s tailored to your schedule. Whether you’re only free on Saturdays or you’re going to camp this summer, you and your coach will craft a plan and schedule that works around your commitments.

You can decide when you want to start the program, for how long it goes, and when you meet with your coach. We’ll always work with you to make the program fit into your schedule.

Coaching sessions are done virtually and 1:1 at times that are convenient to you. You will book calls with your coach via the Youthfully coaching platform.

You and your coach will choose how often the sessions take place, which depends on your needs, goals, schedule, etc., as well as the program you’re working on.

Flexibility is a priority. Some students have calls in evenings, weekends, or whenever fits their schedule.

Yes. You are working 1-on-1 with your coach, 100% of the time.

There are no group classes or divided attention. You have exclusive access to a world-class youth coach, ready to go the extra mile.

Simply book an intake call.

Please note: we have limited spots in each program and students are admitted in the order in which applications are received.

Proven & Consistent Results for Over 12 Years Coaching >1,000 Students.


"I believe that this program is very useful for all students planning to achieve in post-secondary."



Client Journey - Isaac

Gave a TEDx Talk, did a podcast with millions of downloads, and was admitted into business school.

Read Isaac's Journey
"Guided me through the whole process."
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"I am very thankful for [my coach's] guidance and checkups with my academic progress. With his assistance, I'm on track to getting core executive positions in many of the clubs I'm participating in. As well, he helped me start my own Entrepreneurship club in my high school."




"Amreen is a beyond amazing coach. Even though I connected with her fairly late in the admissions process, she was still able to help me craft amazing essays for programs such as McMaster and Queen's Health Science that gave me confidence about my chances of getting into such competitive programs and satisfaction about what I submitted.

Beyond just admissions related coaching, she was always there to help my alleviate my stress and provide mental support through such a long and strenuous process. She was always a dedicated coach and her skill and expertise were reflected in everything she was doing.

Because of her, I was able to find my voice in my writing and she helped me dig deep into myself to formulate ideas that were unique to me. I would highly recommended Amreen to anyone as the mentorship she provides is undoubtedly priceless and she goes above and beyond in everything she does. "




"We made the challenging decision of putting our son through the [Youthfully] program and all we have to say is money well spent! The support was outstanding and we couldn't be happier to the services provided to us."




"My experience with [Youthfully] has been extremely positive. Alex was extremely helpful not only with the actual application process itself, but also with providing support and advice from start to end. I cannot be happier with my decision to have completed my journey here!"



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