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Enroll In Our Group Coaching Program: “Thrive”

Thrive is a flexible, group coaching program designed to help you smoothen the transition into university. Applications will open soon.

Phase 1 (~1-2 months) - Parents Required, Students Optional

360° Assessment

The coach will take the time to get to know your child’s unique learning style through any existing psycho-educational assessments or IEPs, as well as other assessments if need be.

Then, you’ll work to brainstorm a list of areas your child can improve, as well as discuss anything you think might be making their transition to university easier.

Outcome: Understand unique learning style and needs.

Phase 1a (Optional) - Parents Required, Students Optional

Set-up Learning Accommodations

Students with learning challenges are 3x more likely to drop out of school.

That’s why it’s critical to ensure neuro-divergent students with learning needs (ADHD, anxiety, OCD, etc.) are set up with the proper accommodations at university.

This requires planning and preparation in advance with accessibility services. A coach can provide support and determine what else needs to be set up.

Outcome: Learning accommodations approved.

academic coaching learning strategies

Phase 2 (~2-4 months)

Build Foundational Skills

University is a totally different environment. The student is off on their own, has a full course load, and feels behind before they even start.

That’s why it’s essential for a coach to help you develop and improve executive function skills (like time management, organization, motivation, and overcoming procrastination), universal soft skills (like essay writing, problem solving, collaboration, and communication), and learning/study skills for better comprehension and retention.

Outcome: Noticeable skills improvement.

Phase 3 (1-3 months)

Academic Goals & Study Plans

Now let’s put these insights and skills into practice by ensuring you set concrete academic goals that are realistic, yet challenging.

Looking at your exams, projects, and other major assignments, your coach will help you build-out a solid plan to ensure you are prioritizing the right things, managing your time effectively, and not getting overwhelmed or distracted.

They’ll help you commit to specific habits and routines, hold you accountable for your progress, adjust your plan as needed, and provide the necessary motivation and support to ensure you stay on track.

Outcome: Better grades & self-sufficient abilities.

Phase 4 (Optional)

Extracurricular Achievement

Post-secondary isn’t just about the academics. An important part about university are the extracurriculars.

But many schools have seemingly limitless options and some of those opportunities are highly competitive, requiring applications and interviews.

That’s why your coach will help you first identify the extracurricular opportunities that are a good fit for your strengths, interests, and future goals; then, guide you step-by-step to attaining those roles.

Outcome: Desired extracurricular roles obtained.

The struggle into post-secondary is real.

The Freshman 15 isn’t what you think…

Real research shows the average 1st year student’s GPA decreases by about 15%, and 20-40% of them won’t graduate from their programs.

University students consistently tell us they’re battling overwhelm, time management issues, prioritization challenges, inefficient study strategies, and procrastination.

Mastering your learning will make you unstoppable.

For long-term success and a smooth transition into university, you need to “learn how to learn”.

This involves developing strategies to increase productivity and apply essential skills, cultivate a growth mindset, and address gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Then, when you’re faced with a big course load, a bunch of exams, or a tough assignment, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to tackle each one as effectively as possible.

client Journey


Isaac’s coach helped him prepare and deliver a TEDx Talk and high-profile podcast interviews about an issue he’s passionate about. By cultivating self-awareness, leadership, and communications skills, and creating a strategic plan of execution, he got into a top-tier business program, obtained strong extracurricular roles, and landed two amazing internships.

Read Isaac's Journey
Youthfully Reviews Isaac @ 2x

Common Questions

Reserve your spot to get priority access and be notified when applications open.

Yes. We have coaches who specialize in coaching students with learning needs or disabilities.

This includes securing accommodations at the university you’re applying to or attending and executing functioning for students with ADHD, anxiety, and other challenges.

Yes. The transition program is open to students pursuing college studies.

Yes. Parents are free to be part of the coaching journey as much as they wish.

We do require parent involvement in the first phase of the program, where a parent can offer a unique perspective on the student’s background, strengths, learning needs, and influential factors in their life.

Yes. Since this is a flexible program, tailored to your schedule.

Coaching sessions are done virtually and 1:1 at times that are convenient to you. You will book calls with your coach via the Youthfully coaching platform.

You and your coach will choose how often the sessions take place, which depends on your needs, goals, schedule, etc., as well as the program you’re working on.

It’s super flexible. Some students have calls in evenings, weekends, or even mid-weekday during a spare or in summer months.

Yes. You are working 1-on-1 with your coach, 100% of the time.

There are no group classes or divided attention. You have exclusive access to a world-class youth coach, ready to go the extra mile.

Be the first to know when applications open again. Reserve your spot and you’ll receive priority access.

Please note: we have limited spots in each program and students are admitted in the order in which applications are received.

What People Say


“t’s impossible to see how beneficial working with a Youth Coach is until you experience it. This journey completely changed my life….

The opportunity to develop my skills, as well as the encouragement, support, and mentorship that I received, gave me the confidence to achieve more than I ever thought possible.”




“By building self-confidence and self-worth through my coaching experience, I was able to get through all the challenging times. The one year with Youthfully is still one of the most memorable and life-changing years of my life, and I’m grateful to have done it.”




“Steph is an amazing coach. I can confidently say she has helped me to become a better writer. Her advice and suggestions have made my essays super strong. When we worked together it was both comfortable and productive. Overall, I had an amazing experience.”




“I am extremely satisfied and very thankful to Sarah. I learned many new things about myself and was able to improve my writing skills.”



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