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youthfully youth coach scholarships and awards scholarships coaching

Winning a scholarship is hard work.

With so many competitive scholarships out there — and thousands of other applicants — it’s easy to feel confused about where to start and how to submit a winning application.

You might be unsure of how you can make the most of these opportunities and find unique ways to showcase your skills, experiences, and achievements on your application.

Blindly applying is a time-waster.

Randomly searching for and applying to scholarships never pays off.

If you don’t take the time to research scholarship eligibility criteria, requirements, and guidelines—or submit generic, cookie-cutter applications—you’ll get a quick rejection by reviewers.

Your time is worth more than that.

youthfully youth coaching scholarships and awards scholarships coaching

To win scholarships, you need a proper plan.

Develop a strategy by carefully selecting a handful of scholarships and awards that are a perfect fit for YOU.

Then, create a compelling application that showcases your unique and authentic self.

This approach will make you more competitive and greatly increase your chances of winning.

For 12+ Years We've Helped Students Earn $5m+ in Scholarships & Awards

Your Coach Will Help You With


  • Scholarship and awards matching
  • Scholarship application support
  • Interview preparation coaching
  • Government funding (e.g. OSAP) guidance
  • Financial planning tips for education expenses (e.g. budgeting)
>$15K per Student on Average

client Journey


Youth Coaching helped Stephanie discover her purpose and develop the skills (and confidence) necessary to reach big goals aligned with that purpose—like being a finalist for the Loran Award and TD Scholarship for Community Leaders, launching a successful non-profit, getting into Queen’s Commerce, and obtaining a prestigious internship after first-year.

Read Stephanie's Journey
Youthfully Reviews Stephanie

The Youthfully Advantage

As the pioneer and global leader of holistic youth coaching, we provide the world’s most comprehensive platform for student growth and achievement.

The best 1:1 support to get you the $ you need.

Our coaching program is designed and delivered by coaches who have won the competitive scholarships and awards you’re applying to.

They know what it takes to win and will provide personalized, one-on-one support help you work smart on the things that matter.

That’s why our students win more awards than other approaches.


Coaching designed with continuity in mind.

Your journey doesn’t stop once you win a competitive scholarship or award.

You have big plans for your future — and that’s why our commitment to helping you reach your full potential continues after you’ve conquered this goal.

We’re here to support you in overcoming the many new extracurricular, career, and academic challenges you face at university and beyond—which means more continued support by coaches who already know you.

Scholarships have a huge ROI.

I remember the day I received my acceptance letter to university.

It was a moment of excitement and pride, but also of uncertainty and guilt. The cost of tuition was staggering, and my parents, both teachers, had to make a lot of sacrifices to provide me with this opportunity.

I spent countless hours searching for eligible scholarships, filling out applications, writing essays, and applying to whatever I could find.

But it seemed like all of the scholarships went to other students.

Fast forward a decade, and the cost of tuition has doubled, while the cost of living has skyrocketed. Students and parents need more help than ever to afford university. That’s where Youthfully comes in.

Our scholarship coaches have helped students win over $5 million in awards by taking a strategic approach. That way, you can attend your dream school without the financial burden and win awards that open up additional opportunities for your future.

Co-founder & CEO


What People Say


“The program is a very intensive process, but what you get out of it is truly invaluable, and will last a lifetime.
I was admitted to Queen’s Commerce and won Queen’s University’s prestigious Chancellor’s Award, valued at $36,000 over four years.”


Justin K.



“I couldn’t be happier with the guidance and coaching I got from [my coach]. I got into all of the programs I applied to, including my desired choice Rotman Commerce.

Additionally, I got a $10,000 scholarship from U of T. I would highly recommend Youthfully if you are looking for support along your university application journey (for me I was especially looking for video interview prep/confidence and I am very satisfied).”




“[Our coach’s] consulting work with [my daughter] Noa was truly a game changer. Noa was accepted to Queen’s Commerce and awarded a scholarship. I would recommend [Youthfully’s] services highly to anyone looking to give their son or daughter an edge above the competition.”




“We used [Youthfully’s] services this year to help my daughter with her Queen’s application and her Chancellor’s Award.

At first. I was a little skeptical hiring him over the internet and being in a different city. But in fact it worked out really, really well. He was a big help to us, to me and my daughter, and her application was very successful. She was the application award winner for her school, and she also really enjoyed working with him.”

Anonymous Client



“[My coach] help me with my application to Queen’s and to the Chancellor’s Award. He was very flexible with timing and finding time that worked really well for both of us.

He guided me through my Chancellor’s Scholarship application and my university application, as well as starting my own business, and I’m very happy with the results.”

Anonymous Client



“Thank you so much for everything you did to help me get into Waterloo University! I really enjoyed working with you and learning from [Youthfully] – if I could do the whole process again I would!

Thank you for all your time and efforts setting me up for success through reviewing my essays and helping me prep for the video interview. I’m thrilled that I got accepted to my first program and university of choice, Mechatronics at Waterloo with President’s Scholarship, which I will be attending this September.”



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