Make The Right Decisions For Your Future.

Work 1-on-1 with a coach to discover your field of study, pinpoint the university and program that’s the best fit for you, and navigate prerequisites and how to apply.

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Students are inundated with so many options.

Choosing an academic and career path can be overwhelming, especially given the endless options and constantly evolving career landscape.

You’re young and you haven’t had a chance to explore or experience things first-hand, so it’s understandable that you need more clarity and direction.

Don't settle for a future that doesn't fulfill you.

Many students make life-altering decisions based on limited knowledge and external biases, or they prioritize prestige or money over personal fulfillment.

However, this can lead to wasted time and effort—like constantly switching programs or dropping out, jumping from one career to another, or feeling stuck in a field that makes you unhappy.

No wonder the average attrition rate is ~25%.


Discover the best post-secondary path for you.

Choosing the right academic and career path requires exploration and self-reflection.

Thinking about what you want, gathering information from unbiased sources, talking to industry professionals, and experiencing your options first-hand will give you confidence that you’re making an informed decision.

This is the approach that will pave the way for future happiness.

For 12+ Years We’ve Helped 1,000+ Students Make The Right Moves

Your Coach Will Help You


  • Discover your interests
  • Select a field of study
  • Research universities/programs
  • Finalize your ‘list’
  • Navigate prerequisites
  • Be confident in your future
Our Students Don't Switch/Drop Out

client Journey


Youth Coaching helped Melody work on an internship project from Uber Toronto, pursue a career and academic path that was aligned with her true passions and interests, get accepted to Queen’s Computer Science, and gain confidence and self-assurance.

Read Melody's Journey

The Youthfully Advantage

As the pioneer and global leader of holistic youth coaching, we provide the world’s most comprehensive platform for student growth and achievement.

The best 1:1 support, to get you clear on your future.

Youthfully coaches all have experience working in today’s most popular industries, as well as the latest knowledge about shifts in career landscapes, skill requirements, and trends.

They’ve been at the same crossroads as you, and they have the training and expertise needed to provide personalized, one-on-one support that will help you gain clarity.


Coaching designed with continuity in mind.

Your journey doesn’t stop once you’ve made big decisions about your future—and that’s why our commitment to helping you reach your full potential continues after that.

We’re here to support you in overcoming the many new challenges you face as a student, such as earning scholarships and awards, conquering supplementary applications, and more.

Nobody has it all figured out...

As a student, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you want to do with your life.

Many students switch or drop out of programs, while others pursue popular options that they end up not enjoying.

I was once in a similar position, feeling lost and unsure about my future direction. But today, with endless career options and a constantly evolving landscape, it’s even harder to find direction.

That’s where Youthfully coaching comes in. We help students explore different options and provide unbiased guidance to make well-informed decisions about their academic and career paths that align with their unique interests, strengths, and values.

Don’t settle for a future that doesn’t fulfill you. Seek guidance and support from an expert coach to help you find your path.

Co-founder & CEO


What People Say


“I went from wanting to apply to seven different programs to one. I now know exactly what I want to do both at university and after, and this translated into very clear essays.”




“[Youthfully] helped me so much on discovering my career interests and redefining my career direction and identity.

This program significantly helped me in my admission to all the universities I applied, including Queen’s Commerce.”




After working with [my coach], I’ve become more mature and eager to push myself to excel in academics and leadership opportunities as well as other areas of my personal life. I really enjoyed my conversations and work sessions with [my coach], and I would really recommend [Youthfully] to anyone looking for guidance and inspiration in the university application process.”



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