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Looking forward to telling you more about our 1:1 coaching programs. We’re mostly enrolling a limited number of students for our Undergraduate Admissions.

Our admissions success rate to the most competitive programs has been 70-90% for the past 13+ years.

What We’ve Learned Coaching 1,000+ Young Adults for 12+ Years.

Be student-centered.

Focusing solely on the visible achievements is just the tip of the iceberg. You must venture beyond the surface and address the layers that most contribute to your success.

A coach does exactly this by working closely with the student to challenge their thinking, build their skills, encourage self-reflection, and pursue goals beyond what they thought was possible.

Hire the best.

If getting into university or getting a job at Google is hard, we hold even tougher standards with about 1% of coach applicants being hired.

All coaches are fully Youth Coach™ certified, vetted & background checked, and have access to ongoing training and resources to enhance their skills even further.

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Stay personal.

Students have enough group-based, classroom learning. Truly personalized education is rare, but essential.

That’s why all of coaching programs are 1:1, working closely with each student to challenge their thinking, keep them accountable, encourage self-reflection, and pursue goals beyond what they thought was possible.

Continuity matters.

Students are multi-faceted, and that the challenges they face are integrative by nature. Rather than addressing individual goals in isolation, our programs are thoughtfully designed to recognize the interconnectedness of your objectives.

That’s why we offer a coaching experience that prioritizes continuity and consistency, with dedicated coaches who understand your individual needs and provide a more holistic, personalized, and comprehensive approach.

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Give back.

We’ve partnered with Bluewater District School Board to provide students from low-income and underrepresented communities an opportunity to receive free coaching from our amazing coaches.