Our 1:1 coaching programs help young people succeed on the most competitive college applications.



“For 13+ years, Youthfully has empowered 1,000+ students.”

We specialize in helping students get into top colleges.



Higher Chances at Stanford, USC, Caltech, etc.



Higher Chances at UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, etc.



Higher Chances at UPenn, Harvard, Yale, etc.

Your school doesn’t focus on fulfilling college dreams.

Youth today are faced with more choices than ever, yet the path to the ‘dream college’ seems increasingly narrow.

Admissions rates to top colleges keep dropping and schools simply fall short in offering premium, comprehensive support to maximize admission chances.

This leaves parents & students in need of guidance to bridge the gap.

That’s our sole focus.

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    College essays & interviews
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    References & portfolios
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    Tests & assessments
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    Internship experience
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    Extracurricular passion projects
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Our students get in because we coach the whole student.

College admissions have changed. It’s not just about flashy extracurriculars or polished essays anymore—they want real, multi-faceted students.

That’s why we craft the complete candidate—self-aware and authentic leaders with best-in-class soft skills, unique life experiences, and proven real-world achievements.

Become a full applicant.

Example Student Journeys

No two student journeys are the same, but here are some example student journeys to give you an idea of what you can accomplish with a youth coach.


Youth Coaching helped Stephanie discover her purpose and develop the skills (and confidence) necessary to reach big goals aligned with that purpose—like being a finalist for the Loran Award and TD Scholarship for Community Leaders, launching a successful non-profit, getting into Queen’s Commerce, and obtaining a prestigious internship after first-year.

Youthfully Reviews Stephanie


Isaac’s coach helped him prepare and deliver a TEDx Talk and high-profile podcast interviews about an issue he’s passionate about. By cultivating self-awareness, leadership, and communications skills, and creating a strategic plan of execution, he got into a top-tier business program, obtained strong extracurricular roles, and landed two amazing internships.

Youthfully Reviews Isaac @ 2x


Mara’s coach helped her streamline her extracurriculars, cultivate a clear sense of self, and identify clear goals she later attained, such as self-publishing a children’s book that educated young Tanzanians on basic medical health and receiving admission to medical school.


Prabhgun’s coach helped him streamline his extracurriculars, improve his skills, and achieve audacious goals. He built a purposeful portfolio that showcased his passion for coding, fitness, and data/analytics. Because of the work he did with his coach, he was admitted into Waterloo Engineering, received a prestigious scholarship, and landed two competitive co-ops.

Youthfully Reviews Prabhgun


Youth Coaching helped Melody work on an internship project from Uber Toronto, pursue a career and academic path that was aligned with her true passions and interests, get accepted to Queen’s Computer Science, and gain confidence and self-assurance.


Coaching helped Liam apply his interests in physical fitness and multiple sclerosis awareness, designing and executing a passion project where he completed a CrossFit challenge every day in July—raising over $21,500 from 220 donors.


Youth coaching helped Yanyu get clear about his passion for cognitive science, subsequently publishing a research paper on a related topic and accepting his offer to a top cognitive science program in California.

Our 1:1 Coaching Programs

As the pioneer and global leader of holistic youth coaching, we provide the world’s most most comprehensive platform for student growth and achievement.

Conquer those competitive college applications.

Conquering college applications isn’t about quick fixes or shallow strategies. You need a strategy, plan, and near-perfect execution.

Our Undergraduate Admissions coaching program offers comprehensive, personalized support to help you build a winning strategy, manage multiple deadlines and requirements, craft compelling essays, ace interviews, and so much more.


Stand-out by launching a unique Passion Project.

99% of students fall into the trap of picking the same extracurriculars as everyone else or opting for superficial resume-fillers that lack substance and personal connection.

Work with a coach to launch your own Passion Project that uniquely aligns with your interests and goals, setting you apart as an exceptional candidate for top colleges in just 1-6 months.


Gain an edge with a career-quality internship.

Gaining valuable internship experience is tough, especially without connections, prior work experience, or when limited by location and schedule.

Our Internship Experience program secures you a real-world, remote project-based internship with dedicated 1:1 guidance from an expert coach and interactions with C-level executives.


Our Coaches Have a 4.9/5 Star Rating

We hire just 1% of coach applicants—all of whom are high-achieving young professionals from different fields and backgrounds. Here are a few:


Certified Youth Coach

UCLA Medical School student, startup founder, podcast host, and non-profit leader.

UCLA Medical School student, startup founder, podcast host, and non-profit leader.

“Shreya is very grateful to have Joy’s guidance and support during this crucial time.” — Murugan


Certified Youth Coach

Columbia University graduate, with a background in social work and management consulting.

Columbia University graduate, with a background in social work and management consulting.

“I am very happy with my experience. I was able to further my understanding and finish my supplemental application.” — Fikayomi


Certified Youth Coach

12+ years’ experience helping hundreds of business and university students get into top programs.

12+ years’ experience helping hundreds of business and university students get into top programs.

“I couldn’t be happier with the guidance and coaching I got. I got into all of the programs I applied to, including my desired choice.” — Teya


Certified Youth Coach

UPenn grad (Ivy league) and management consultant—received offers from top UK schools

UPenn grad (Ivy league) and management consultant—received offers from top UK schools

“I’m very happy with Jonathan’s help throughout my Early Decision application process. I just submitted the application and his help and support throughout the process was incredibly helpful.” — Evan

Trusted by Parents.
Approved by Students.





“Joel’s guidance and support was invaluable. His understanding of the process—as well as the quality of submissions—allowed our daughter to raise the bar on her responses and optimize her chances of acceptance. Thank you Joel for getting us through a very stressful and critical period.”




“I started Youthfully after already finishing my application essays, and so I was just expecting some coaching on my interview skills.

However, Jess was able to noticeably improve the quality of my essays. I can confidently say that compared to before, I do have a much higher chance of getting into my desired university. Not only that, I received great coaching on how to succeed in interviews, and how to stand out among the rest.

In general, being able to talk to someone much more experienced like Jess and ask for advice and guidance did so much to help ease my mind about this process, and I highly recommend it!”




“My experience with [Youthfully] has been extremely positive. Alex was extremely helpful not only with the actual application process itself, but also with providing support and advice from start to end. I cannot be happier with my decision to have completed my journey here!”






“A huge sigh of relief.”

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